Welcome to Zombieland

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At least it’s nicely packaged…

Ain’t that post-Christian civilization just the living end?

Yesterday morning in Brooklyn, NY, police had to haul 33 idiots off to the hospital after they’d indulged in “a bad batch” of a drug called K2, or “synthetic marijuana” ( http://nypost.com/2016/07/12/multiple-people-hospitalized-after-k2-overdoses/ ). Police said they were lucky no one died.

The drug, said police, is being sold illegally at a local deli, in a neighborhood around Broadway and Myrtle Avenue–a neighborhood which has lately come to be known as “Zombieland.” That’s because the people who take K2 are described as “totally out of it” and “like something in The Walking Dead.

Within a few minutes of taking K2, some users begin to vomit copious quantities of foam. Some fun, eh?

It took Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg twenty years to clean up New York City. Under far-left Sandinista wannabe Mayor Bill De Blasio (not his real name: his real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr., but he never uses it), it has taken only a very few years to piss all that progress into a fan. But this is what always, always happens when leftids are permitted to govern anything.

They call it a recreational drug. Next thing you know, they’ll be handing it out in third-grade classrooms.

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  1. Oh, Lord help us. How much worse can it be? Oh, well, we know it will get a lot worse, but we hate to think about it. Life seems to be held in such low esteem these days.

  2. You’re right, Erlene, and I think it’s because the younger generation has somewhere along the line gotten the notion that God does not exist. This idea brings hopelessness and lack of purpose. We continue to pray for them that they hear Our Lord’s voice and answer His call.

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