Grade School ‘Hotties’? And a Prayer Request

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If you really want to see images from this fashion show, click the link to the news article. As for me, I prefer this photo of a mother duck with ducklings.

If you’ve been wondering why God is mad at our country, and so allows it to be lorded over by thieves, liars, and idiots, here’s a news story that may give us a hint.

A recent fashion show in Florida featured “primary school children”–that is, little girls, as you can see by the pictures–modeling bikinis ( ).

Before you conclude, as a normal person might, that the little girls just look cute in their bikinis, and it’s not an effort to present them as sex objects, remember that the brand name of this swimwear is “Hot as Hell.” That sort of gives the game away, don’t you think?

Well, our culture-killers are looking for the next big thing to plug in, once the transgender stuff has run its course, and it would hardly be a surprise if they turned to pedophilia. There are academics–most notably at Temple University, Bruce Rind et al–who have been working for years to make this happen.

This is why I publish hymns and prayer requests, here on this blog. We can’t match the culture-killers in money, power, or influence. But our God is an awesome God, and we have faith that He will hear us.

Prayer Request: O Lord Our God, send thy hand from above, exert your strength on our poor country, and pull us out of this pit of sin and folly into which we have allowed false prophets and blind guides to lead us. In Jesus’ name, amen!

7 comments on “Grade School ‘Hotties’? And a Prayer Request

  1. A very hearty AMEN. This is outrageous. What are these parents thinking to allow their precious children to be made objects for scorn like this. If His people do not dedicate ourselves to more prayer effort and repentance, we are certainly toast.

  2. One would think the murder of six-year-old “beauty queen,” JonBenet Ramsey, would have sent a message to parents that our young children should not be made into sex objects. But old Satan is working overtime, and his servants are feverishly working to make both pedophilia and bestiality normal, acceptable and legal in the U.S. Where is the OUTRAGE?

  3. Yes, JonBenet is the very one that came to mind. Bad enough that grown women are used like this, but children? Madness!

  4. How can we expect A Holy God to look with mercy upon a nation that does this?

    Here is a portion of the article: ‘Citing “religious freedom” and acceptance, David Suhor began the invocation; but not without hundreds of protesters. Traditionally the city council meeting starts with Christian prayer, but because the city council was afraid of litigation issues, they bent their knees to satan that day’

    1. Oh, boy! Acceptance! I hope they remember to bring in Welcoming and Affirming, too. If you’re gonna go to Hell, you might as well go in style.

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