Two Facts About Turkey

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Kerry and Erdogan, two peas in a pod

I’m not able to give you a seminar on Turkish politics, etc. There was an alleged coup attempt against the Erdogan regime, and it seems to have failed. All our nits in Washington–Obama, Kerry, Clinton–support Erdogan. That means he’s a bad guy, like them, and he ought to go.

Anyhow, there are two facts we can bear in mind.

ISIS set up shop right next door to Turkey, literally adjacent, and Turkey has done nothing about it.

ISIS has attacked France, which is a NATO ally of Turkey’s: and although the NATO treaty is one of collective security, “an attack on one of us is an attack on all,” Turkey has done nothing about it.

I say ISIS cannot exist unless–at the very least!–Erdogan permits it to exist. Whether he actively aids and abets ISIS is more than I know at present.

I think it’s too bad the coup failed.

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  1. It appears that Dictator Erdogan set up this phony coup and conveniently made sure he was on holiday (yeah, right). It is reported that the coup pilots could have taken him out, but they took no action.

    Erdogan looks like a reincarnation of Saddam Hussein in re. the anticipated genocide coming to secular Turks, but even worse since Erdogan is a dyed-in-the-wool Islamist. He has threatened the U.S. to hand over the exiled cleric OR ELSE. Or else what? He knows Obama will do whatever it takes to promote the Islamic caliphate.

    1. My only objection to the staged coup theory is the fact that people were killed attempting it. That’s going a bit too far in taking one for the team.

    2. I don’t understand why everything that happens today must be a “false-flag” operation or a conspiracy. Aside from being difficult to pull off, it’s even harder to keep it a secret. Besides, it’s not like Turkey is a stranger to military coups.

    3. The Turkish constitution gives the military the responsibility of replacing any civilian authority that turns against Kemal Ataturk’s secularism. That would be, um, Mr. Erdogan.

  2. Do you think an Islamic dictator cares about a few lives? Our own dictators (Obama, GWB, Clinton et al) are more than willing to take out a few million innocent people to achieve their globalist control. Collateral damage, they call it, but in reality, depopulation is their AGENDA.

    1. Folks, let’s not get carried away. There isn’t much point to being dictator over a country you’ve depopulated: no cheering crowds to yell “Hail, Erdogan,” no fat-head commentators to remark upon the thrill they get up the leg when they hear you speak. Where’s the fun of being a dictator, if there’s nobody left to dictate to?

    2. Oh, don’t worry, Lee. They’ll keep enough of us around to be slaves.

  3. With such twits “running things” it really is hard to say what is real and what is play-acting. Children love putting on shows, beginning in grade one. It is just that too many never get over it.

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