‘Our Leaders Are Insane’ (2016)

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“The Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam!”

People have short memories. So we need to remind each other just how bad, how awful, how hopeless it was, to have Democrats running the country–a mere four years ago.

Our Leaders Are Insane

Putting Democrats in public office is like handing out loaded guns at a day care center. It’s a miracle our country survived the last Democrat regime. Don’t look for us to survive another one.

Arising as it does from Original Sin, leftism will never quite go away, not until Christ sets His throne upon the earth. But without the Democrat Party, without teachers’ unions, without our in-the-bag nooze media, its power to do harm will be significantly restricted.

Crush them in November. Before they kill our country.


‘Bono: Give ISIS Comedy’ (2016)

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A grown man with earrings in both ears just has to be the smartest guy in the room…

Back when rock star Bono proposed this incredibly clever way of dealing with ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria was tearing up the Middle East while President *Batteries Not Included whistled a happy tune. But how wrong can it be, to be guided in policy by a celebrity?

Bono: Give ISIS Comedy

Burning people alive, beheading them, tossing them off buildings–these were ISIS’ pastimes. But according to Bono, some good ol’ rib-tickling comedy would’ve set them straight. Eventually a diet of high exposives administered by the U.S. Air Force and allies reduced ISIS to a shadow of its former self.  But surely Henny Youngman or Laurel and Hardy could’ve done it faster!

The thing about celebrities, see, is that they know everything and can just about always be talked into telling you what you should do.

Our Post-9/11 Secular Humanist Paradise

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Check out this link: a pair of drug-using lost souls conk out from heroin at a traffic stop in East Liverpool, Ohio–with their four-year-old son stuck helplessly in the back seat of their car ( http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37320535 ). It tells you all you need to know about the way our country, and the whole fallen world, is headed.

Yeah, well, happily we’ve got all sorts of socialist safety-nets to soften the consequences of pissing your life into a fan. So you can keep on doing it.

On this day 15 years ago our country was attacked on her own soil, for the first time since the War of 1812, by a barbaric enemy that doesn’t even have a state to call its own. Unless you’re counting ISIS.

Since then, the Christ-rejecting rulers of the Western world have learned nothing. Not a thing. Oh, they try every trick they know of, to appease this ruthless enemy. “Embrace Islam,” the head honcho of France counsels his people. Sort of like the way Germany’s doing it. Sort of like the way our own country’s leaders want to do it. And in the meantime, do everything in their power to alienate their nations from their God.

Yes, we had drug addicts before 9/11. We have more of them now. Our rulers think they can solve the world’s problems by erasing national borders and wiping out morality. Their own voters have encouraged them to think so. “Just give us more power! Just pay us higher taxes! You’ll see–it’ll work out just fine!”

No. It won’t.

A nation that is not a nation under God is a nation going under.

Loon Kerry: Air Conditioners ‘as Big a Threat as ISIS’

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I usually steer clear of politics on Sunday, but this story I just can’t swallow.

John Kerry, our secretary of state, former presidential candidate, Democrat fat-head, told a bunch of his private jet buddies in Vienna the other day that your air conditioners–not his or theirs–and your refrigerators–not his or theirs–are as great a threat to life as the murdering terrorists of the Islamic State ( http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/07/23/kerry-air-conditioners-as-big-threat-as-isis.html ).

Others have pointed out the sheer inanity of his remarks, but we can look a little deeper into his statement and see how profoundly wicked it is. ISIS kills, tortures, rapes, massacres its victims. For this braying jackass to liken air conditioning and refrigerators to ISIS is insulting to those victims and contemptuous of their suffering.

This man, as a public fool, deserves stripes and ignominy for his foolishness. He deserves to be publicly flogged and then ridden through the city sitting backwards on an ass, with a dunce cap on his head.

Remember, when Election Day comes round–whoever helps, by action or inaction, the Democrats to win, becomes an accomplice to their crimes against the people of America.

Two Facts About Turkey

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Kerry and Erdogan, two peas in a pod

I’m not able to give you a seminar on Turkish politics, etc. There was an alleged coup attempt against the Erdogan regime, and it seems to have failed. All our nits in Washington–Obama, Kerry, Clinton–support Erdogan. That means he’s a bad guy, like them, and he ought to go.

Anyhow, there are two facts we can bear in mind.

ISIS set up shop right next door to Turkey, literally adjacent, and Turkey has done nothing about it.

ISIS has attacked France, which is a NATO ally of Turkey’s: and although the NATO treaty is one of collective security, “an attack on one of us is an attack on all,” Turkey has done nothing about it.

I say ISIS cannot exist unless–at the very least!–Erdogan permits it to exist. Whether he actively aids and abets ISIS is more than I know at present.

I think it’s too bad the coup failed.

Gagging History

The study of history is very much an effort to find out what really happened–a truly difficult thing to accomplish, riddled with questions that are almost never fully answered.

People lie. People forget. They misremember things. Information gets lost. So even the best history is usually only an approximation of what really happened. But in that history is the collective biography and memory of the human race, it’s kind of important.

Which makes deliberate efforts to distort, stretch, shrink, or mangle history all the more contemptible. It’s hard enough to recover true history without anybody actively trying to make that impossible.

Our beloved leaders have tried to do just that, with Attorney General Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–who was confirmed by Republican Senators, by the way–ordering the Dept. of Justice–justice!–to erase all references to Islam and ISIS from the official–official!–transcript of the 50-second phone call made by the perpetrator of the Orlando Massacre, 49 dead and 53 wounded, with the killer yelling “Allah akbar!” and pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Within 24 hours the Attorney General had to put the deleted words back in ( http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/06/20/fbi-doj-release-new-full-transcript-orlando-shooters-911-call.html ). We are told she did this “under pressure from Republican leaders” in Congress, a claim we are free to disbelieve.

She did it because it was going to put the whole country into an uproar if she didn’t.

The Obama administration’s non-stop efforts to sanitize Islamic jihad grow increasingly bizarre. How many people do Muslim fanatics have to murder before these freaks in Washington even admit that radical Islam exists?

But they would much rather convince the public that the Orlando Massacre–one Omar “I pledge allegiance to ISIS!” Mateen the sole proprietor–was perpetrated by Christians, Republicans,  Donald Trump,  the NRA, by Climate Change Deniers, whatever.

This time they didn’t get away with it, because Lynch’s ploy was clumsy and heavy-handed and even the Congressional Republicans could see her doing it.

When people someday study the history of this evil age, how much of what they read will actually be true? And how much of it Obama-ized beyond repair?

From a history textbook published in 2216: The destruction of the World Trade Center, New York City, on Sept. 11, 2001, is now known to be the work of Quakers…

Oh, Boy! Ottawa Hijab Day!

My wife asked, “Doesn’t the hijab only cover the hair, not the face?” I must answer, “Ask me if I care.”

“They’re all crazy” seems to be the theme of this week’s news–and what could be zanier than Ottawa Hijab Day, planned for Feb. 25 ( http://www.jihadwatch.org/2016/01/ottawa-hijab-day-the-glazov-gang ).

Oh, but it’s part of the Ottawa Women’s Action and Forum, whatever that is, and planned by a group of feminist ding-a-lings calling itself the “City For All Women Initiative.”

All women in Ottawa, the capital of Canada (for those who went to public school), are urged to wear the hijab (head covering) to show themselves “in solidarity with their Muslim sisters.”

You morons. Is there any excuse, any excuse at all, for not knowing how women are treated in Islam?

All you’re doing is waving a white flag to ISIS and encouraging them to go on killing people. “Yoo-hoo, ISIS! Look, we’re wearing hijabs! Why, your job is already halfway done!” Is it any wonder these savages believe they can overthrow the Western world and rule over the ruins of it?

But go ahead, do what you please. Wear your hijab–maybe a full burqa, while you’re at it. Embrace your inferiority. Kiss your abusers’ feet.

Maybe if you’re subservient enough, the jihadists will kill you last.

Our Leaders Are Insane

Here are some of the lads of the Islamic State, which our country’s leaders insist is not Islamic, preparing to murder a few more victims. Do they wear those masks to disguise the fact that they’re really Methodists?

This week a thug in Philadelphia tried to assassinate a police officer. After his arrest, he told police that he had done it in the name of Islam, because, as he put it, American policemen defend laws that go against the teachings of the Koran, against “shari’a law” ( http://abcnews.go.com/US/man-accused-shooting-philly-cop-confessed-committing-act/story?id=36169588 ). The perp also confessed to having pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, ISIS.

So that’s what the man said. That was his motive. And it only took a few minutes for the Politically Correct mayor of Philadelphia to throw the motive out the window. Nope, nosireebob, said the mayor, that incident had “nothing to do with Islam.” Motive, schmotive. Not a blessed thing.

But President *Batteries Not Included has repeatedly declared that the Islamic State is not Islamic–I wonder why they call it “the Islamic State,” then–and Hillary the Hun, slated to be our next president if God is really mad at us, declares that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.

Hours after the San Bernardino mass shooting, perpetrated by a pair of self-ordained Moslem terrorists, our U.S. Attorney General sprang into action–she swore she’d pounce on anyone trying to practice Islamophobia (another imaginary “problem” feared by liberals). Apparently saying discouraging words about Islam is worse than killing people.

Are the leaders of our country, of our cities, quite insane?

If by “insane” you mean “completely oblivious to reality, uninfluenced by events, and blind and deaf and unresponsive to anything that does not conform to their ideological picture of the world,” then yes–they are as mad as hatters.

Please don’t ask me to explain the American Left’s infatuation with radical Islam. It’s insane.

Our entire ruling class needs to be replaced as soon as possible, before they finish destroying our country.

Some Thoughts on 9/11

I don’t like to watch videos of the events of this day, 14 years ago. The images make me angry. So do conspiracy theories and the “Let’s forget about it” crowd. Nevertheless, I remember those events and continue to seek their meaning.

Here are some of my reflections.

*God’s judgment can land right on our heads and we still wouldn’t believe in it. We learn nothing. We stop our ears to God’s warnings. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were un-hip.

*Who would have ever thought, 14 years after 9/11, that the governments of the West would be competing to see which of them could import the most Muslims?

*Meanwhile, our glorious leaders could find nothing better to do than radically redefine, or just plain overthrow, the definition of marriage, light up our public buildings to celebrate it, and criminalize Christian and other religious beliefs that have remained the same for thousands of years.

*Our government gave a medal to a man who had himself surgically and pharmacologically mutilated so he could say he was a woman. At least we know who our heroes are. Or must I say heroines?

*We have a president whose middle name is Husain, and whose amateurish, community-organizing, make-it-up-as-you-go-along dabbling in foreign policy has caused the Middle East to boil over into the biggest man-made humanitarian crisis since World War II.

*While ISIS is beheading Christians and burning them alive, all captured on videotape, our government obsesses about “Islamophobia.”

*Western Europe would rather be invaded by millions of Muslims all at once, than roll up its sleeves and exterminate ISIS. The West ignores calls from Egypt and Jordan to do that very thing. One cannot explain why they let ISIS continue what it’s doing.

*For as long as we are governed by career politicians advised by self-proclaimed intellectuals and self-promoting Scientific Experts, we will not even begin to find our way out of trouble.