Us Interllecturals We Not to Take This No More!

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Boy that lee he is sooo stopid i cant even say how stopid he is!! Yestraday he dont beleave in Past Lifes and today he dont beleave in Evilution neither even thuhg thay bothe true!!

He has forgott evrything he knowed wehn he uset to bee in Collidge, and hee never did Make “it” to be a Interllectural, yiu got to stay In collidge “for” that.

Only reel Extreamist Christin Racists thay dont beleave in Past Lifes and Evilution and thay aslo gillty all of them gillty to Climbit Change Denile!!! And yiu kno watt?? Us Interllecturals at the Collidge we jist not going “to” Take it no more!!!!

We wil thinck up a Plan “for” Hillery so wen she be Pressadint She “will be” abel to lock-up al Those extreamists who dont beleave in Past Lifes and Evilution! I meane How stopid can yiu get??? Theese dum peple thay even dont beleave “the” Scintist who figred Out that It rained On the rocks “and” Then the rocks thay comed Alive and that “is” how Evrything started “thare” wasnt no God!!! And evrything is Stil evoluting to This very day even the Rocks! Axcept “for” them dum peple thay isnt gettin no Smarter!

Wel wen Hillery she seees Our plan She wil know watt to doo! and that wil be Finnish for al them Intollerent dum peple!

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  1. You interlecturals (hope I spelled that right), you say you are going to “think up a plan for Hillery”? A lilttle advice here, first you have to learn how to think. Don’t start on any plans until you have lurnned that.

  2. The only Rock that ever created any life is Jesus Christ!

    And I agree with Erlene. You better learn to think, Joe Collidge. In fact, grab some gym socks and have a snack while you try to figure out how.

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