‘Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)’ (2017)

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Evolution must be true because we found fossil bacteria 4.2 million years old!

And yet bacteria are still… bacteria. So where’s the evolution?

Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)

I don’t know–those fossils don’t look like much to me. They’re also supposed to prove that Mars had life a zillion years ago, and then it went away. Betcha it was SUVs that did it.

And somehow Evolution proves we can have sexual anarchy and a really big and powerful government.

No, Charles–*This* is How Life Started!

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New computer models and lab experiments, for what that’s worth, suggest that Charles Darwin was wrong in thinking life originated in “a warm little pond” somewhere. Now the smart money is on deep-sea hydrothermal vents (https://www.foxnews.com/science/charles-darwin-wrong-life-started-on-earth).

So far, space exploration has indicated that warm little ponds are kind of hard to come by, once you leave earth, so they’re hoping they can find some hydrothermal vents. But first you’ve got to find water, and that’s not so easy, either. But they’re hoping there’s deep water under the planetary ice sheets found on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Meanwhile back in the lab, scientists have “re-created the environment” around Earth’s hydrothermal vents–to which they added “fatty acids and fatty alcohols” to make molecules that look like maybe someday they might sprout arms and legs and jump up singing “I’m My Own Grandpa.”

Does anybody else have a little problem with “adding” stuff to get, er, “pre-life” going? How did the original fatty acids come into being?

Really, it’s all too silly for words. But ‘naturalism’ very badly needs and wishes for there to be life on other planets, so it’ll keep on generating theories until they find some.

‘Scientists Say the Darnedest Things! (A Job for Dead Astronauts)’ (2016)

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“Mission Control, we have a problem.”

Hey! Maybe we can get life started on other planets by dumping out dead astronauts there!

Scientists Say the Darnedest Things! (A Job for Dead Astronauts)

See, the dead astronaut, besides being instantly transformed into a reliable Democrat voter, will have a body full of microbes; and when they find themselves on a lifeless planet orbiting another star, why, they’ll just naturally start evolving! Maybe by the time we’ve figured out how to get a spaceship there without the astronauts dying on the way, they’ll have evolved their own Soupy Sales.

Uh, dude! Didn’t you say Evolution, like, takes millions and billions of years for a microbe to Evolve into, say, one of those fish-things? Like, who wants to wait that long to see if your experiment works?

Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)

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They say it with such authority. The newly-discovered bacteria fossils, found in
Canada, are 4.2 billion years old (uh-huh), and this “shows alien life on Mars likely” (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/03/01/oldest-fossil-ever-found-earth-shows-alien-life-mars-likely/ ).

These little bacteria–earth still has bacteria that are a lot like them–supposedly lived in ocean vents and ate iron. Well, if they’re already under water, and the earth is only some millions of years old at the time, then that knocks into the spittoon the theory that it rained on the rocks and the rocks came alive–which really ought to be a calypso song, “Oh it rain on de rocks an’ de rocks come alive…”

Nope, they still can’t tell us how life started in the first place. (Hint: God created it.) So now it’s comets “probably brought the building blocks of life to earth.” Probably? I think that theory’s prob’ly wobbly. And note they say “building blocks of life.” We imagine the parts of an erector set randomly sorting themselves into a Ferris wheel.

And then everything sort of, like, y’know, evolved! From tiny bacteria to not-so-tiny Michael Moore. No one’s ever observed that happening, but we know it must be so because everybody says it is.

Anyway, Mars had an ocean once, and an atmosphere, so Mars prob’ly had little bacteria, too. The Mars lost its ocean and its atmosphere. Prob’ly because of SUVs. Or failure to impose a carbon tax.

Anybody still awake?

Us Interllecturals We Not to Take This No More!

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Boy that lee he is sooo stopid i cant even say how stopid he is!! Yestraday he dont beleave in Past Lifes and today he dont beleave in Evilution neither even thuhg thay bothe true!!

He has forgott evrything he knowed wehn he uset to bee in Collidge, and hee never did Make “it” to be a Interllectural, yiu got to stay In collidge “for” that.

Only reel Extreamist Christin Racists thay dont beleave in Past Lifes and Evilution and thay aslo gillty all of them gillty to Climbit Change Denile!!! And yiu kno watt?? Us Interllecturals at the Collidge we jist not going “to” Take it no more!!!!

We wil thinck up a Plan “for” Hillery so wen she be Pressadint She “will be” abel to lock-up al Those extreamists who dont beleave in Past Lifes and Evilution! I meane How stopid can yiu get??? Theese dum peple thay even dont beleave “the” Scintist who figred Out that It rained On the rocks “and” Then the rocks thay comed Alive and that “is” how Evrything started “thare” wasnt no God!!! And evrything is Stil evoluting to This very day even the Rocks! Axcept “for” them dum peple thay isnt gettin no Smarter!

Wel wen Hillery she seees Our plan She wil know watt to doo! and that wil be Finnish for al them Intollerent dum peple!

An Atheist Reacts to My Book Review

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This blog is on fire this morning, largely due to a little book review I wrote back on Nov. 28 of last year, of a Darwinist fairy tale for children entitled Grandmother Fish ( https://leeduigon.com/2015/11/28/an-atheist-fairy-tale-for-your-kiddies/ ). And this morning it’s all over Facebook.

I received a comment from a reader who has been “teaching him [her son] critical thinking”… at two years old. He watches PBS, and his parents have warned him about a certain kind of people–us, that is: we who believe in God. “[W]e frequently mention that some people don’t like to think and believe stories that aren’t real.”

Great Caesar’s ghost. How do you even answer that? It’s one of those times that you run into such blindness, such foolishness, that it leaves you plumb speechless.

Having disposed of religion as a form of child abuse, the reader goes on to declare, “This boy will know where we really came from.”

From fish? All right, then–where did the fish come from?

Darwinism has never been able to provide even a plausible explanation for the origin of life itself. The latest hot theory is that rocks and minerals got rained on and somehow became alive.

Believing stories that aren’t real?

Oh, well–who needs the Bible, when you’ve got PBS?


As I search for hymns each morning, to post here, I often encounter comments by atheists who say they “hate religion,” yatta-yatta, but they really love the music.

There is a certain wistfulness in this, like that of a child standing outside a candy store, looking in at what he cannot have. But of course there is no one keeping the atheist out of God’s candy store but the atheist himself, hard of heart and hardest on himself.

Dudes, you can come in any time you want, and we will welcome you! And wait’ll you learn that God’s grace is a free gift, yours for the claiming.

Or you can just stay outside and listen to atheist music, whatever that might be.

Top Atheist: Maybe ET’s Created Life on Earth

Just in case you missed this, when it was included in the movie, Expelled, a few years ago, here is atheist cleanup hitter Richard Dawkins saying that maybe space aliens created life on earth, or at least “seeded” the place.

Having admitted that neither he nor anybody else knows the origin of life (see the Bible for the answer to that question), Dawkins is backed into a corner, trying to explain how life began. When the interviewer, Ben Stein, tosses him the life-preserver, “Maybe aliens started life on Earth,” Dawkins grabs it.

I guess this is why he calls atheists like himself “Brights,” to distinguish them from the dim bulbs like us who don’t believe in space aliens as substitutes for God.