My Cover Blurb for ‘The Throne’

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You don’t want to read any more about politics today, do you? ‘Cause I sure don’t feel like writing about it. Blowing my stack first thing in the morning kind of wears me out.

But I came back from the nursing home (no change, everything with Aunt Joan is as it has been for quite some time) and decided I’d better tackle writing a cover blurb for The Throne–Book No. 9 of the Bell Mountain series–so it can be published in time for Christmas. And as I was writing it, the Lord told me what I needed to know to continue writing The Silver Trumpet. He knew I needed help today.

As much as I would like to post the blurb here as a sneak preview, I think I ought first to get it approved by Susan, my editor, and by the publishers, The Chalcedon Foundation dba Storehouse Press. So, if they say it’s good, and they accept it, and I get their permission to do so, I’ll let you all see it as soon as I can.

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  1. Good news, Lee! And, as always, The Lord gives us what we need – even if sometimes it’s not what we think we want 🙂

    No change in your aunt is actually good news, so Praise God!

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