Abortion Marches On

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Here’s one of the things you’ll be voting for in November, boys and girls, if you vote Democrat, or waste your vote on a third party, or don’t vote at all.

HBO has released a new TV movie celebrating, glamorizing, and rationalizing abortion ( http://www.charismanews.com/culture/59309-hbo-glamorizing-abortion-in-new-film ). It’s called Abortion: Stories Women Tell. Its aim, according to HBO, is to “focus not on the debate, but rather on the women themselves.”

Maybe I should’ve called this post, “Hypocrisy marches on.” Let’s remove the slain baby from the discussion and concentrate on the Feelings of women who have had abortions–because, don’t you know, Feelings are everything. Unless you are a live baby being torn apart so Planned Parenthood can sell off certain bits of you. Your feelings have been written out of the script.

Oops. Did I just humanize the fetus? Gosh, I’m sorry! I forgot the baby has nothing to do with it, the family has nothing to do with it, and by Jove the father has nothing to do with it–the only thing that matters is the woman’s Feelings, her convenience, and the continued financial health of Planned Parenthood.

Anyhow, abortion never, never could have come this far without the unwavering support of political liberals–and that means Democrats. Like it or not, that means Hillary Clinton: a vote for her is a vote for abortion–indeed, for abortions paid for out of your tax dollars.

Self-righteousness is no excuse for allowing innocent blood to be shed. That blood will cry out to God against you.

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  1. Murdering the helpless unborn who have no other voice but those of us who stand with Our Creator is a disgusting, evil, satanic thing. They are sacrifices at Satan’s altar. The genocidal maniacs behind this are evil to the core.

    And soon, we will not be able speak our minds about this or any other topic that doesn’t line up with the liberal whore of Babylon:


    1. I blogged about this yesterday. They want to turn all of London into one gigantic “safe space.”
      But I wouldn’t worry about them rounding up people who collect conspiracy theories. It’s enough to say “Marriage is between a man and a woman, and I refuse to recognize any other kind.”
      It distresses me that so many people don’t seem to take seriously the need to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

    2. Yes you did – and the article I reference above contains this:

      ‘In the video I also cover recent legislation that was passed in Europe to send those who publish “conspiracy theories” online to “re-education camps.” Why? With all the talk about FEMA camps and the indefinite detention of Americans in the event of Martial Law, recall what Justice Scalia said back in 2014 when he was asked about internment camps in the United States. The AP quoted the late Justice Scalia saying:

      “[Y]ou are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again…” ‘

      It’s probably not a bad idea to heed Justice Scalia’s warning on this.

      We’re headed rapidly down a path of no return in this nation – a once-blessed nation has forgotten God.

    3. Any attempt by a president to declare martial law–which has never happened, not even during the Civil War nor two world wars–would be a very dangerous step for him to take. I mean, if that didn’t raise up violent opposition, I really don’t know what would.

    4. Which is why this administration has weakened our military and removed many that remain in the armed services to foreign soil – some who haven’t been deployed yet with open-ended orders. We have friends currently in the military who have received such orders.

  2. The depopulation agenda is now in full force. Abortion, vaccines with sterilants, chemtrails, genetically-modified foods, toxic chemicals in our water and food .. they’re all part of it. Yes, I know, it’s all “conspiracy theory,” a term concocted by the perpetrators from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Rule #5: Ridicule anyone who questions your agenda.

    Why do you suppose they “permanently disappeared” Justice Scalia? He was in the way of the globalist depopulation agenda. The other so-called conservative Injustices fell into line and posed no problem. Why do you suppose Justice Scalia was conveniently on a hunting trip, staying at a “remote” West Texas lodge, (reportedly owned by a close friend of Barry Obama Soetoro), with no Secret Service or other security, and no autopsy was performed?

    1. Even Nero understood that, if you’re going to have any fun being a tyrant, you have to have people to tyrannize–and the more, the merrier. Liberals would shrivel up and die without whole populations to boss and push around.

    1. I have read about the Georgia Guidestones, and they don’t impress me as anything I should take seriously.
      We don’t need doomsday scenarios to make sense of the evil that is being done today. It’s all quite bad enough–and on top of that, thoroughly banal.

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