A Puzzling Fact of Nature

Hi, everybody–Mr. Nature here, with today’s puzzling fact.

As you can see from the little video, the mother wolf spider carries her babies on her back; and if she knows how many there are, that’s more than I will ever know.

What you don’t see is this: if one of the babies should fall off while Mommy is on the move, she will stop and find that baby and put it back on her back. Please excuse the awkward sentence.

Now, how does she know that one of those innumerable baby spiders has fallen off her back? It’s not like any of the others can cry out, “Mommy! Willie fell off again!”

If there’s anybody out there who can explain this to us, we’re all ears.

One comment on “A Puzzling Fact of Nature”

  1. I have no explanation for this phenomenon except to say God has created her this way. I know that doesn’t answer the question, but I see it as just one more of His mysteries of creation. I think He wants us to puzzle over things like this to make us realize what great mysteries and miracles He has created, and to assure us once more how ridiculous the theory of evolution really is.

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