Crazy? Cute Spider Christmas

There are folks on YouTube who are just crazy about jumping spiders. Patty fell in love with this cute video. I offer it as a bit of wimsey, worth a smile or two. Who ever thought of cute spiders? And yet they are. Kind of.

I have absolutely no idea how this video was made. Can you really train spiders to gift-wrap presents?

A Spider Who’s Afraid of Spiders

[Editor’s Note: Only the first 17 seconds of this video pertain to this topic. I don’t vouch for any of the rest.]

I’m rather fond of those little striped jumping spiders, “zebra spiders.” They’re about a quarter of an inch long.

Watch this. Confronted by an unfamiliar object, the spider first pauses to look it over, then ventures closer, and when nothing bad happens, explores it. Note that jumping spiders see much better than other spiders. When they see you coming, they will try to hide.

And… does this spider display curiosity? I think he does; and curiosity suggests the presence of a mind. Has God the Creator endowed even this tiny spider with a mind?

Now watch what happens when the smooth pebble is replaced by a giant spider model. How fast can you say “I’m outta here!”?


If Fred Astaire Had Been a Spider…

… he’d’ve been this guy!

Hi, everybody, Mr. Nature here. Susan found this critter for us, the peacock spider from Australia. And what he’s doing is a courtship display. How it works out for him will be revealed at the end of the video.

These are jumping spiders, as you can tell by the large eyes: and there’d be no point to all that color if the female spider couldn’t appreciate it. They’re really quite small, although under certain circumstances the males grow to the size of a grizzly bear and pose a threat to public safety.

(Did I getcha with that last sentence?)

A Puzzling Fact of Nature

Hi, everybody–Mr. Nature here, with today’s puzzling fact.

As you can see from the little video, the mother wolf spider carries her babies on her back; and if she knows how many there are, that’s more than I will ever know.

What you don’t see is this: if one of the babies should fall off while Mommy is on the move, she will stop and find that baby and put it back on her back. Please excuse the awkward sentence.

Now, how does she know that one of those innumerable baby spiders has fallen off her back? It’s not like any of the others can cry out, “Mommy! Willie fell off again!”

If there’s anybody out there who can explain this to us, we’re all ears.