‘Star Wars’ Not Diverse Enough?

Not “diverse” enough? really?

Right–you hear the word “diverse” and you know what’s  coming.

Now, too many people already take Star Wars a lot more seriously than they ought to. That happens a lot with science fiction. People keep forgetting that it’s fiction.

Well, now we’ve got homosexual activists saying the next Star Wars movie–that would be Star Wars VIII (good grief), already in production–had better have some “gay” characters ( http://variety.com/2016/film/news/star-wars-gay-character-glaad-lgbt-report-1201764348/ ). The Star Wars franchise is owned by Disney, the evil empire famous for its kow-towing to organized sodomy. Surprising they should even have to ask.

Anyhow, say the activists–great gloms, am I sick of activists–science fiction is about “advanced societies” which are bound to embrace every kind of aberrant sexuality you can think of. And that there are not enough “gay” characters in the movies–just try to guess what’s coming–“creates an unsafe environment”! What–no “climate of fear”? You left out “climate of fear”?

It doesn’t occur to these activists that maybe one of the reasons studios don’t like to pack their films with deviants is because then a lot of people wouldn’t go to see them. And never mind bringing the kiddies! I’m afraid the real world isn’t quite as enamored of homosexuality as the activists like to think. (If it were, they wouldn’t have to constantly resort to the courts to impose their agenda on the rest of us.)

Besides which, you twollops, this is Star Wars! So what if the Amoeba-thing from Zontar is “gay”? Like, how could you tell? Since when is the famous “Star Wars bar scene” not “diverse” enough?

But a day without making yet another new demand is, for the activists, a day not lived.

4 comments on “‘Star Wars’ Not Diverse Enough?

  1. Once a movie tries to become politically correct, it becomes less entertaining. The recent Ghostbusters movie is an example of that. We watch movies to escape from reality, not to be bombarded with political correctness.

    If they really want diversity, how about more Christian characters? There’s far more Christians than homosexuals, yet Christians are underrepresented while homosexuals are over represented.

  2. The Star Wars series has been one of the most diverse franchises in history. You not only have people from different backgrounds, but people from different planets! But no, the queer agenda must clearly be pushed here as well. My 6 year old son is a Star Wars fanatic. Daddy would not bring his son to see sodomites from outer space.

    Man, that LAKE of FIRE is hot as HELL….

  3. “Since when is the famous “Star Wars bar scene” not “diverse” enough?” I love the bar scenes in “Star Wars.” The way some gays dress so outlandishly they would fit right in and no on even notice they were homosexuals. Now if they have two homosexuals kissing and making out at the bar, then that is beyond the pale for most fans and the franchise tanks.

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