My Friend, the Enormous Stingray

Hi! Mr. Nature here, with some more of the strange and fascinating stuff that God has included in His creation.

Here we see a boy playing with a humongous stingray–not an activity I would personally recommend. After all, a stingray that size could kill you dead with one thrust of his stinger. But this child pets it, talks to it, and even feeds it, and comes to no harm.

My question is, what’s going through the stingray’s mind? We have no idea what kind of mind it has. Is it enjoying this little play session? And if you were a stingray, how would you process this experience? I mean, this is so far off the beaten path, I hardly know what to start wondering about.

Just a reminder of how little we truly know, and how much remains to be learned and understood…

One comment on “My Friend, the Enormous Stingray”

  1. Interesting all right. I know one thing– I would never let a child of mine
    anywhere near one of these things. Kids can get in enough trouble without something like this.

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