Cats & Dogs: Chase Scenes

Our fuzzy friends are hunters at heart, and when they don’t have anything truly worth hunting–like a shadow, their own tails, a flicker of light, a jingly toy–they’ll hunt each other.

There is a few seconds in here of a cat catching a bird. Well, we all know cats like to do that. Happily, the camera didn’t pick up the gory details. But if you don’t want your cats to catch birds, mice, or harmless little snakes, don’t let ’em outside.

6 comments on “Cats & Dogs: Chase Scenes

  1. The acrobat kitty doing somersaults on the chair was hilarious! And I really felt sorry for that little dog yelping in fear. Cats rule!

  2. At my younger son’s home, there are three dogs and three cats, and I have seen a lot of capers like these. One cat has a rather short temper and when she is tired of the game, she puts everybody in his place, including the huge Rotweiller.

  3. I love these videos. The human news is filled with dysfunction and cognitive dissonance while the animal world is doing just fine.

    1. In the meantime, I’m having a life or death battle with a ten week old Siamese kitten that I am cat-sitting for the weekend. He’s at that age when everything that moves (and some things that do not move) must be vanquished with his ears back, lots of growling and hissing; some of the most frightening sights I’ve ever seen. 🙂 at least once a week, my peaceable female cat lays her head on my shoulder and we watch cat videos together, frequently from your site. She seems to understand that there are no cats behind, or inside of the iPad, but she follows the on screen action with rapt attention.

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