Comment Contest: <200 to Go

Yes, I know I’ve already said it was only a hundred and change to go, but that was because I mis-read the stats. Sorry about that.

There are fewer than 200 comments to go, and whoever posts Comment No. 9,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books. I’m hopeful that Bell Mountain No. 9, The Throne, will be available in time for Christmas. So if that’s the one you want, go for it.

Anyone can play–just leave a comment under any post on this blog.

Ineligible will be comments abusive to me or to another reader, those containing the f-bomb or other profanity, blasphemy, commercials thinly disguised as comments–really, how does anyone expect to get away with that?–or comments simply too inane to bother with.

10 comments on “Comment Contest: <200 to Go

  1. Sounds good to me. I don’t always get a chance to comment on every one,
    but I read almost every one, when I am home. Sometimes, the computer plays tricks on me and sometimes, other things, but I try.

  2. Lee, I just started reading ‘The Palace’ and I’m not quite sure which it is: either you’re in the story or the story’s in you. But since I’ve gotten to know you better through this blog and, of course, the 5 preceding books in the series, you’re very evident in this one – at least so far 🙂 I can almost hear you speaking. Very interesting, and a rather unique experience. Very nice. Authentic.

    1. Hmm… As a storyteller, I try to make myself as unobtrusive as possible. Naturally my voice is going to come through, and something of my self. But I do try to keep out of the readers’ way!

      Maybe to do it as far as I would like to do it just isn’t altogether possible.

    2. Please don’t change a thing! I notice because I’ve gotten to know you. It’s wonderful! 🙂

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