Jesus Christ Is Lord of All

It’s getting to be that what I’ve stated in the headline is almost as controversial a claim today as it was in the First Century. I don’t think the rulers and big shots of our world like to hear it any more than the Roman Caesars did.

So let’s pump up the volume and say it again! Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

From time to time we have all encountered empty barrels making a loud noise about this being “a post-Christian age, you might as well get used to it” and learn to love pseudomarriage, abortion, transgenderism, and all the rest of it.

But actually we have yet to have our Christian Age. That can only come when Christ reigns in Heaven and on Earth; and it will last forever.  So this can’t really be a post-Christian age. It’s just a lousy one.

Why does the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation, depict Christ as it were joining in marriage to His church? Why do we speak of the marriage supper of the Lamb?

Because the world–and His church will eventually embrace the whole world, and the world His church–is not complete without Him! Creation, all Creation, will not be its true self until Christ Himself reigns over it!

That’s why God’s word speaks of it as marriage. Because in marriage two are joined into one flesh, one spirit: and each becomes more than it ever would have been, if left alone. Not that Christ needs anything from the world: except that we know God loves the world, loves us: otherwise the Father would not have sent the Son into the world, and the Son would not have spent His precious blood, His very life, for us.

These are high and holy things, difficult to grasp. So we keep trying.

In the meantime, we proclaim the Lordship of Christ and the truth of Christ: that He shall come again, He shall conquer, and He shall reign forever and ever.

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