By Request, ‘Goin’ By the Book’

Okay, it’s not exactly a hymn; but I agree with Elder Mike, who requested it–it’s not hard to fit this Johnny Cash song into a context of Revelation. Prophecy warns us to leave our evil ways. We should listen.

Revelation! ‘The Man Comes Around’

I don’t generally post two hymns in the morning, but The Man Comes Around, by Johnny Cash, is one we all need to here. It is, as it were, Revelation set to music. Requested by Elder Mike.

We had all better be ready when the man comes around.

‘When the King Returned’ (2014)

This is one of my Newswithviews columns from seven years ago. Leftids were running wild then. They’re even less restrained now.But there is One who will restrain them.

Yes, they think the King is gone forever–if He ever even existed in the first place.

I believe Homer, pagan Greek though he was, composed The Odyssey under the influence of the Holy Spirit; and that it is a parable that echoes Revelation.

‘The Man Comes Around’

Joyce requested this one–a hymn that brings Revelation and a few other aspects of the Bible into very sharp focus: The Man Comes Around, sung by Johnny Cash. “It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks…” That’s for sure.

Your Favorite Hymns continues.

By Request, ‘When the Man Comes Around’

Joyce mentioned this yesterday, When the Man Comes Around, by Johnny Cash. I thought I’d heard it before–but was I wrong! This worship song bowled me over. Made Revelation come to life.

Our list of Your Favorite Hymns has begun to grow again, but let’s keep loading up the wagon.

‘Behold a Host Arrayed in White’

Here’s another hymn, out of the Lutheran hymnal, that I’d never heard before–Behold a Host Arrayed in White, sung by The Lutheran Warbler. The imagery is from the Book of Revelation. So is the message.

By Request, ‘The Midnight Cry’

Requested by Erlene, a worship song based on Revelation: The Midnight Cry, sung by John Jones.

I’m back from the doctor’s now because I was the first one there this morning. I’m all right, he says.

While I was there, Patty went out and did a couple of errands. She hasn’t been able to do that for months! Thank you, everybody, for your prayers; and thank you, Lord Jesus, for hearing them.

Undermining Scripture

See the source image

I really ought to have learned by now that consulting “Bible scholars” is usually a waste of time.

But I was reading Ezekiel Chapter 1 yesterday, the vision of the “living creatures,” and I wanted to enrich my understanding. Because that’s a very difficult chapter!

Ezekiel was a scholar, a trained man: but that chapter is written by a man who is deeply frightened and terribly confused. The “living creatures” are cherubims, a familiar motif in the art and literature of the Ancient Near East. Ezekiel would have known all about them. But the way the chapter reads, it hasn’t been written by someone who has studied cherubims… but by someone who has seen them.

Enter Bible Scholars Inc. They are quick to spot parallels between Ezekiel’s vision and St. John’s Revelation. Both describe cherubims. Other motifs are repeated throughout.

There are also some differences in details–six wings for the cherubims, for instance, vs. four–which the Bible Scholars account for by saying this was how John crafted them to suit his own purpose.

In other words, he made it all up!

Not only made it up, but also got away with it. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Watch us put one over on the plebs.

Because that’s what they would do, they assume that was what Ezekiel and John did. Like Lord Chutt, they attribute their own low standards of character to everyone. I’m a stinker, so everyone else must be, too. I make things up! Therefore the writers of the Holy Scriptures made up everything!

How contemptible is this?

There are reliable Bible teachers out there. There have to be.

As someone who gets paid for making things up, and has received awards for doing it well, I declare the Bible doesn’t read like fiction. And I do know something about fiction. Gilgamesh is fiction and folklore. Homer write historical novels heavily influenced by oral tradition. It’s great fiction, but it’s still fiction.

I am as sure as I can be that Ezekiel wasn’t inventing anything. And I’ll bet he would have turned cartwheels if God had released him from being a prophet.

Johnny Cash Sings Revelation

This song may be a little grim, but it comes from Revelation and Revelation is a book of warning; and warnings are supposed to be grim. But it does come with a happy ending for those who heed the warnings: the happiest ending of them all.

So this is Johnny Cash, with The Man Comes Around. Whoever has ears, let him hear.

By Request, ‘The King is Coming’

Erlene requested this one, The King Is Coming. I opted for this version by the Heritage Singers because the introductory photo caught my eye.

In my regular daily Bible reading, I happen to be in Daniel and Revelation right now, so the hymn has an added zing for me.