‘Jesus Christ and the Beginnings of Christianity’ (R.J. Rushdoony)

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Let us not forget where the emphasis should lie.

Have historians–even historians who are also Christians–ever paid proper attention to the work of Jesus Christ in history?

In Chapter 7 of A Christian Survey of World History, R.J. Rushdoony felt compelled to answer that question “No” (https://chalcedon.edu/resources/articles/jesus-christ-and-the-beginnings-of-christianity). He rejects the ancient wishful thinking of “two kingdoms,” Christ’s and the world’s. Christ’s kingdom “is definitely for the world and over the world.” And Jesus Himself “had come not to unite good and evil, but to divide and destroy evil.”

Interestingly–I never noticed this before–hostile writings aimed at Jesus did not appear until many years after His death and resurrection. Why don’t we have rabbinical sermons or Roman decrees branding Him a fraud?

Because there were too many witnesses, at the time, who knew better.

This essay (or chapter) is kind of long; but it is illuminating.

We have a Savior and a King. We have no business looking for another.

‘No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper’ (2019)

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Esther and the King of Persia

If we walk by sight and not by faith, it’s easy to lose hope: God knows this fallen world is falling farther by the day.

God respects our free will that He gave us; but He has not surrendered His sovereign lordship over all of His creation. If He did, how long do you suppose the human race would last?

“No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper”

Remember I Corinthians, Chapter 1: God’s foolishness is wiser than men, God’s weakness is stronger than men; and He uses foolish things of this world to confound the wise, weak things to confound the strong, things that are despise–and things which don’t exist, to bring to nothing t

By Special Request, ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’

Phoebe has requested The Hallelujah Chorus, from Handel’s Messiah, even though it isn’t Christmas time; and I am glad to post it. This is the Royal Chorale Society, at the Royal Albert Hall.

We proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, King of kings and Lord of lords: we proclaim his kingship over heaven and earth: to whom every knee must bow, and every tongue confess Him Lord.

We have no king but Christ!

‘The Son of God Goes Forth to War’

In case anyone out there is wondering where we’re coming from…

We proclaim the lordship and crown rights of Jesus Christ the Son of God, our Savior and our King, who alone has the right to rule His Father’s creation. All who rule, but not under God, are nothing but usurpers. The Lord has only set them up, for a little while, to cast them down.

We proclaim Christ’s Kingdom now and forever, world without end, Amen.

‘Behold, the Mountain of the Lord’ (A Hymn of Hope)

This ancient Scottish hymn, Behold, the Mountain of the Lord, is one of my favorites. I don’t know about you, but I need pumping up today. Aunt Joan is in the hospital again, and of course there’s the nooze of the country and the world: If the Lord Our God didn’t give us hope, how would we live?

This rendition by Godfrey Birtill is my favorite. Turn up the volume and sing along. Let the neighbors think you’re crazy.

By Request, ‘Above All’

This is the message that the big shots of this world most definitely do not want to hear: Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of All–and someday they will know it. No, the world doesn’t want to hear that at all: they want to get away with what they do. But for us who belong to Him, the lordship of Jesus Christ is the best possible news.

Requested by Linda: Above All, by Michael W. Smith.

Nero and His Kind: Fear Them Not

Sometimes you, my readers, put things so eloquently that I find it best just to step aside and let you speak.

Some of you–I daresay just about all of us, from time to time–look at world events today and fear the future. I can’t imagine what it would be like, not to. The servants of Satan are running wild. Who can stop them, short of Christ’s return? We cannot help thinking the Last Days are just around the corner, if they haven’t started already, and that there’s going to be an awful lot of collateral damage–to say the least.

Isaiah, speaking for the Lord, wrote, “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?” (Isaiah 2:22)

He might have been thinking of Nero, Emperor of Rome, who persecuted Christians viciously, put on airs like no Roman before him had ever dared to do, and wound up miserably put to death by his own subjects. Here we have him as played by Peter Ustinov in Quo Vadis (1951)–coward, bully, and self-proclaimed poet whose lines don’t even scan and are peppered with the wrong words. Let this Nero stand for all the persons whom we’re afraid of today: he is a more than adequate representative.

Yes, he did a lot of damage. He killed a lot of people. As our friend Watchman pointed out the other day, God works within the confines of free will. And I believe that God intervenes in history. If He didn’t, we would have no history.

But in the long run, Nero was an idiot, Nero was a fool, he had nowhere near the power and might he thought he had, it proved a fairly simple matter for a small number of people to murder him–and he’s gone, but Jesus Christ still reigns.

And shall reign forever, and ever–King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and a priest after the order of Melchizedek.

Jesus Christ Is Lord of All

It’s getting to be that what I’ve stated in the headline is almost as controversial a claim today as it was in the First Century. I don’t think the rulers and big shots of our world like to hear it any more than the Roman Caesars did.

So let’s pump up the volume and say it again! Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

From time to time we have all encountered empty barrels making a loud noise about this being “a post-Christian age, you might as well get used to it” and learn to love pseudomarriage, abortion, transgenderism, and all the rest of it.

But actually we have yet to have our Christian Age. That can only come when Christ reigns in Heaven and on Earth; and it will last forever.  So this can’t really be a post-Christian age. It’s just a lousy one.

Why does the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation, depict Christ as it were joining in marriage to His church? Why do we speak of the marriage supper of the Lamb?

Because the world–and His church will eventually embrace the whole world, and the world His church–is not complete without Him! Creation, all Creation, will not be its true self until Christ Himself reigns over it!

That’s why God’s word speaks of it as marriage. Because in marriage two are joined into one flesh, one spirit: and each becomes more than it ever would have been, if left alone. Not that Christ needs anything from the world: except that we know God loves the world, loves us: otherwise the Father would not have sent the Son into the world, and the Son would not have spent His precious blood, His very life, for us.

These are high and holy things, difficult to grasp. So we keep trying.

In the meantime, we proclaim the Lordship of Christ and the truth of Christ: that He shall come again, He shall conquer, and He shall reign forever and ever.