Katydid Warning

We interrupt our coverage of Hillary Clinton’s fainting tour to bring you good advice concerning katydids.

They bite.

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and if you must handle these strikingly beautiful green bugs, be aware they’re quite capable of giving you a nasty nip if they don’t like the cut of your jib. Forsooth, the ones in the Amazon rain forest can really, really bite you.

The man in this video would have been munched on if the katydid hadn’t been in a good mood.

I think I’m gonna stick with bugs for a while, though, and not go back to the political arena: except to say I would vote for an insect over Clinton, any day.

6 comments on “Katydid Warning

  1. Katydids certainly are beautiful, and not only can they deliver a bit of a bite, but If you happen to be out in a rural setting, don’t expect to get a whole lot of sleep until they quiet down. They’re quite vocal and when a number of them get to singing in chorus, it’s nearly deafening!

    1. The katydids in our neighborhood have suddenly stopped calling o’nights. Not that there were that many of them: mostly you would hear individual voices instead of a whole crowd of katydids raising the roof. I’ve never heard a mass of them calling at once, but it’s not that hard to imagine. Even one katydid can be heard a long way off!

    2. When the whole lot of them chimes in, you can barely hear yourself think! And yet, there’s something peaceful about it. God’s handiwork, once again. And what a show when the katydids are singing and the fireflies are lighting the whole area. Splendid!

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