Memory Lane: Ramar of the Jungle

If we might return, however briefly, to a more wholesome time, before they set up Satanist clubs in grammar schools, here’s one of those antique TV shows that set my imagination on fire when I was a kid.

Ramar of the Jungle, produced in 1953-54 and then in syndication for years, starred Jon Hall as medical missionary Dr. Tom Reyolds, and told of his adventures in the heart of Africa. Lots and lots of wildlife footage, which I could have sat and watched all day! Between that and Mark Trail comics, it’s no wonder I grew up to be Mr. Nature. Oh, and Ramar went to India, too, and had equally astonishing adventures there.

Do any of you out there remember this? Quite a few full episodes have been preserved on youtube, if you’ve got half an hour to spend on nostalgia.

And I hardly need add that my friends and I played “Ramar” a lot, making up our own adventures. Kids were still allowed to use their imaginations, back then.

I regret we haven’t used them more wisely when we got older.

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