Oct. 6 is ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

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Well, this’ll get the Satanists’ knickers in a twist:  next Thursday is national “Bring Your Bible to School Day” ( http://www.bringyourbible.org/ ). Bring it in and talk about it with your fellow students.

Sponsored by Focus on the Family, and with legal backup provided by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the last Bring Your Bible to School Day, according to FoF, had 155,000 participants.

Why does there have to be legal backup?

Because ignorant humanist “educators” think it’s somehow against the law to be a Christian, and certainly against the law to mention it to anyone outside the four walls of a church.

For instance: We reported back in June that the Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, California, called the sheriff and had a deputy sent to the family’s home because a 7-year-old boy was sharing Bible verses with his classmates. Taboo! Verboten! This dangerous enemy of the people must be stopped!

After legal intervention by the Liberty Counsel, the school district completely reversed its position–now a child can share Bible verses with others, even on school grounds–and claimed that earlier hoo-hah was just a “misunderstanding.” ( http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2016/august/school-district-oks-sharing-bible-verses )

So, yes, you can bring your Bible to school, you have an inalienable right to do it; and yes, the left-wing pinheads who run the schools are going to be upset, maybe even call the cops on you; and yes, if they’re called, rather than busting the school principal for wasting police time, the cops will come; and yes, you risk all that, if you bring your Bible to school. The schools love to have the Day of Silence to promote and coddle homosexuality, but they hate God’s word (surprise, surprise).

I’m not here to tell anyone to do it or not to do it.

But I’m rooting for there to be way more than 155,000 Bible-bringers this time around–way more indeed.

They can’t bust all of ’em!

5 comments on “Oct. 6 is ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

  1. You know, Lee, it almost seems unreal that we are living in an age where the Bible is unwelcome. I’m not school-age, I’m way over that but I do carry a Bible with me in my pocketbook. It’s small enough to fit in my bag but it’s handy should I need it. I saw a facebook post once about how we rarely leave home without our cell phones but don’t think twice about leaving our Bibles home until it’s Sunday. It was convicting to read that because I knew it was true in my life. Now that I’ve been keeping it with me in my pocketbook, I pull it out and read it more due to having to wait here and there or need to “kill” some time. It’s making a difference in my life. The Scriptures are becoming more familiar and more memorable due to having that Book on hand. I do pray that the number of Bible-carriers with increase to way over double the previous number.

  2. I like your idea the the school-principal should have been in trouble for wasting the time of the police. From where did the notion spring that every time something happens that is not to our liking we should call the police?

    1. What’s even more ridiculous is that when we call them to come and take care of something totally trivial… they do! It suggests that a lot of police forces are over-budgeted and over-staffed, that they have time and manpower to waste on inanities.

    2. I agree completely. Why do they respond to this nonsense? A while back a child was arrested for burping in class. Under such rules, every male in my sixth grade class would have been on death row. (I was in sixth grade fifty years ago, and they are still trying to air out that school-room.) 🙂

  3. Who would think that binging the Bible to school would be a revolutionary act. These are things you would expect to see in the Soviet Union or North Korea, but not here. These are dangerous times we are moving into. If there is ever time for another revolution, we are fast approaching it.

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