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President’s New Executive Order Protects Religious Liberty, School Prayer

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We’ve got to keep declaring our independence

Lost in last week’s hubbub with the “impeachment” circus was a new executive order by President Trump which “details scenarios in which school officials must permit prayer and clarifies the consequences if they don’t” (https://www.winknews.com/2020/01/16/president-trump-boosts-expanding-religious-prayer-in-public-schools/). No wonder all the bad guys hate him so.

The order states that now students may pray alone or in groups during lunch or other free periods.

It also eliminates a rule requiring religious groups to refer clients to “alternative organizations on request.” What that does is rein in the government’s insistence on telling you what you must say in certain circumstances, even if it goes against your conscience. Liberals love telling you what you must say, even while they compile long lists of things you can’t say.

Finally, the order will make it easier for religious groups to access federal grant programs.

Bear in mind that the president is not “giving” us anything that we don’t already have. We belong to God, who has endowed us with certain inalienable rights. What President Trump has done is to push back against humanists’ long campaign to restrict religious speech and practice. Which we should never have let them do in the first place.

He has also struck a blow against the unspoken but plainly communicated proposition that America’s state religion is secular humanism (which is a nice name for atheism).

Far Left Crazy has wailed and gnashed its teeth over this. Expect court cases to follow.

‘So You Think the Fight is Over?’ (2014)

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Remember this? In 2014 the lesbian mayor of Houston–shame on you, Houston–seeking to stifle opposition to her “transgender” bathroom ordinance, demanded that all pastors send her their sermons and other writings so she could vet them for “hate” or whatever.


This flagrant, off-the-wall insult to religious liberty and free speech earned her the loud disapproval of practically the whole nation, so she deemed it the better part of valor to withdraw her demands. It seems nobody thought a pastor ought to have his sermon approved by the mayor before he delivered it.

I wonder what they’re thinking now.

‘Say Bye-Bye to Religious Liberty’ (2015)

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“Celebrate” or else

In the name of “liberation,” leftids are always trying to throw people into jail. Or at least into “re-indoctrination programs.”

The biggest crime you can commit against their religion of government-worship is to remain faithful to the living God. It really cheeses them off.


I get flak for allegedly mixing “religion” with “politics”–but really, it’s your religion that determines your politics. Think about it.

Some Good News, for a Change

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Last year a decorated U.S. Air Force colonel was suspended and blocked from promotion because he wouldn’t sign a “certificate of appreciation” for some guy’s pseudo-marriage to another guy (https://leeduigon.com/2017/10/18/air-force-colonel-grounded-for-not-affirming-same-sex-marriage/). Again, it’s liberals forcing you to say something that you don’t believe in. Something that violates your conscience and plays the devil with your self-respect.

But upon appeal to the USAF Review Boards Agency, the colonel has been reinstated. Ruled the agency, “Col. Bohannon had the right to exercise his sincerely held religious beliefs and did not unlawfully discriminate when he declined to sign the certificate of appreciation for the same-sex spouse of an Airman in his command” (https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-us/suite).

Anyone who thinks this would have happened with Hillary Clinton in the White House is whistlin’ Dixie out his nose.

Oct. 6 is ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

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Well, this’ll get the Satanists’ knickers in a twist:  next Thursday is national “Bring Your Bible to School Day” ( http://www.bringyourbible.org/ ). Bring it in and talk about it with your fellow students.

Sponsored by Focus on the Family, and with legal backup provided by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the last Bring Your Bible to School Day, according to FoF, had 155,000 participants.

Why does there have to be legal backup?

Because ignorant humanist “educators” think it’s somehow against the law to be a Christian, and certainly against the law to mention it to anyone outside the four walls of a church.

For instance: We reported back in June that the Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, California, called the sheriff and had a deputy sent to the family’s home because a 7-year-old boy was sharing Bible verses with his classmates. Taboo! Verboten! This dangerous enemy of the people must be stopped!

After legal intervention by the Liberty Counsel, the school district completely reversed its position–now a child can share Bible verses with others, even on school grounds–and claimed that earlier hoo-hah was just a “misunderstanding.” ( http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2016/august/school-district-oks-sharing-bible-verses )

So, yes, you can bring your Bible to school, you have an inalienable right to do it; and yes, the left-wing pinheads who run the schools are going to be upset, maybe even call the cops on you; and yes, if they’re called, rather than busting the school principal for wasting police time, the cops will come; and yes, you risk all that, if you bring your Bible to school. The schools love to have the Day of Silence to promote and coddle homosexuality, but they hate God’s word (surprise, surprise).

I’m not here to tell anyone to do it or not to do it.

But I’m rooting for there to be way more than 155,000 Bible-bringers this time around–way more indeed.

They can’t bust all of ’em!

Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act

Texas has it, and now Florida–the Pastor Protection Act, whose purpose is to prevent the state from forcing clergy and churches to perform homosexual parodies of marriage ( http://www.christiantimes.com/article/pastor-protection-act-gets-florida-gov-rick-scotts-approval/53778.htm ).

All 50 states ought to have it, and the sooner, the better.

Opponents of the bill–would it surprise you to hear they’re all Democrats?–say they don’t need such a bill, the First Amendment already gives churches and ministers all the protection they need, no way any state is gonna force them to do gay marriages…

Uh… Really, how could they be so ignorant?

In 2007 the state of New Jersey punished the Methodist church in the town of Ocean Grove for not allowing a church-owned facility to be used for a lesbian parody of a wedding. In 2012 a “judge” upheld the state’s action. ( https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/judge-rules-christian-facility-cannot-ban-same-sex-civil-union-ceremony-on )

So, please, don’t anybody fall into the error of thinking the Constitution will protect us and our churches, because obviously it won’t. The Constitution only means what five Supreme Court justices say it does from day to day: the protection you have on Wednesday may not exist on Thursday.

Oh! And another opponent of the Act argued, “What would Jesus do?”, as if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who proclaimed “I come to fulfill the law,” would set aside God the Father’s words and blithely perform unholy parodies of “marriage” of men with men, women with women. So we are treated to blasphemy on top of idiocy.

Helpful hint to our leaders, our–ahem!–thinkers, our movers and shakers–

We are getting awfully, terribly, unendurably sick and tired of all this, and we are truly, hotly, deeply mad at you. We want to live our lives in peace, just minding our own business, but you keep meddling, poking, taxing, and imposing your fundamental transformation of our country on us–and we have had just about enough of it.

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