Sepration of Churtch And State it’s The Law!!!

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Ha Ha that stopid lee he is att the Eyedoctor so now i got His blogg!

Sumething shuld Be “done” abuot “that” “Bringin Bible to Scool” thing, Why becose it “is” Aginst The law!!!

Stopid lee he havnt nevver raed No law he is not a Interllectural like us is hear at Collidge so “he” dont kno abuot “the” vitelly impotant Docktrin of Sepration Of Churtch And State!! It is “rihgt” thare In “the” First parragriff of the Consittutoin! where It says thare is no christin stuff alloud nowhere eccept In a churtch!!! and Yiu can “qoute” me on That!!!

Them christins thay shuld “be” Hapy we alow them to has christin stuff in churtch, Iff we was a Reely progrestive cuontry Like Cueba or Soddy Arabea or I Ran or China we wuld’nt lett Them have No churtches neether!!!

Annyway The law it says yiu cant Have no bible in no scool, not evver And iff yiu got a Bible in thare yiu Can “be” sent to Prisn and I Think thay shuld aslo mash yuor Finggers whith “a” Hammar tooo!!!

i Wil tel yiu How hatful them christins be! As yiu know,, i has Moth Antenners becose thay givin me Moth Hormoans to turn me Into “a” Wimmin only it dont seme “to” be workin, And th”e” otther day Some christin he “ponted” at “my” Moth Antenners and he sayed is thay reel? That was A grate big huge Micro Gresion! So i re-ported him to “our” Diversity Leedership Teem hear at Collidge and now He “is got” to be in Sencitivvity Traning for The neckxt 12 yeres!!! Ha Ha on him!!!

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  1. How nice to see you again, Joe! Your posts are endlessly entertaining in their mind-numbing ignorance. Yup, those treatments aren’t working, are they? I wonder why …

  2. Its hard to comment…. to say that a country founded by the pilgrim fathers cannot fulfill its promise to uphold those virtues. Try going to Iraq or India and challenge their nationalism and religions…aaaah but we are so tolerant

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