No Facebook Referrals Again Today

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Well, I just can’t figure it out: the traffic to this blog from Facebook has totally dried up.

Are you all getting as tired as I am of this election? Is that it? I was going to post some more on those John Podesta emails, courtesy of Wikileaks: but what have they to tell us that we didn’t already know? Oh, I forgot–the Russians faked 30,000 emails just to make trouble for poor Hillary. So maybe I’ll just let it go for the rest of the day and find something else to post.

BTW, Bob Dylan got a Nobel Prize. Well, why not? He wrote Desolation Row and it seems particularly apt, these days.

6 comments on “No Facebook Referrals Again Today

  1. I find facebook referrals to be hit or miss as well. I’ve given up trying to figure it all out. But maybe it will brighten your day to know I just finished The Thunder King and loved it, as I expected I would. 🙂 I left a positive review on Amazon, and will post one to Goodreads if it didn’t go there automatically. Ready to add the next book to my collection. 🙂

  2. Brother do not feel bad. Remember that Jesus Christ told us few would find life. My blog barely catches any views even though I have links on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Yes, I also really look forward to this God awful election being over already. In Jesus name Shalom.

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