Dems Gone Wild: GOP Office Fire-Bombed

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In Hillsborough, North Carolina, this weekend, the Orange County Republican headquarters was fire-bombed by–oh, take a wild guess!–and the building next door spray-painted with swastikas ( ). Guilt by adjacency?

This is par for the course for Democrats. In my own neighborhood during the last presidential election, organized labor consultants broke into Romney HQ and wrecked the equipment and beat up a woman who was there alone, breaking her arm. I don’t remember how many organized labor consultants it took to beat up this woman.

Police are looking for the Social Justice Warriors who fire-bombed the GOP office in Hillsborough, but won’t find them unless the perps brag about it on the social media–not an unlikely possibility.

If you are even thinking about doing anything to allow Hillary Clinton to win this election, please factor Democrat lawlessness into your calculations. You will be living with the result for at least the next four years.

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  1. “Guilty by adjacency” – LOL. I wrote it down (you’re so clever). The totalitarian democratic political party is like the totalitarian islamic political party – they have all these robotic cells that carry the mantel of pavlonian dogs and commit acts they believe for which they will be given a bone, or seven, AND a treat if they blame it on a scapegoat or two.

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