Voter Registration Forms to be Given for Trick-or-Treat

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According to not terribly reliable but really cool sources, Trick-or-Treaters in several key voting districts throughout our 57 states will be given voter registration forms when they knock on people’s doors this Halloween.

“All the kiddies have to do is sign ’em and show up to vote,” said C. James Bubo, director of You’re Never Too Young to Vote Democratic. “We’ve taken care of all the rest.”

Mr. Bubo said the project expects to improve on its 130% voter turnout in the last presidential election. “We’re going to be giving cash prizes to every child under 10 years of age who shows up to the polls in costume and votes for Democratic candidates.”

But doesn’t this constitute voter fraud?

Mr. Bubo was laughing too hysterically to answer the question.

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