World’s Cutest Kitten?

Okay, I’m gonna grab this little guy and  carry him around until they come after me with a net…

What does this little kitten want, and why won’t somebody give it to him? Like, how bad can it be?

3 comments on “World’s Cutest Kitten?

  1. My female cat, brimming with maternal instinct, watched intently.

    Why are young animals so cute? It must’ve taken a lot of effort in order for the Creator to make then that way.

    1. I’m also a goner for baby reptiles, let alone kittens and puppies and rabbits. I guess He made them cute to inspire their parents–and us humans!–to give them love and care.

    2. I think you’re right. I also think that He made things beautiful, because He is an artist. Today I was in the back yard and saw a horned toad, about the size of a 25 cent piece. He was the cutest little guy imaginable, going about his horned toad business and perfectly educated to do so right out of the egg. God’s stuff works . . . and looks good doing it. 🙂

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