Video Treat: Cats Grooving on Catnip

Our cat Henry was crazy about catnip and always reacted very strongly to it. My father, who pretended not to like cats (even while Henry sat on his lap and purred), didn’t approve of catnip. “What are you trying to do to him?” he once asked.

But catnip is harmless to cats. Our cats Robbie and Peep don’t react to it at all, but most cats do–as you can see in this video.

Mr. Nature adds: “Lacewings are attracted to catnip just as most cats are; and the lacewings eat the mites and aphids that trouble the catnip plant. As Rev. D. James Kennedy used to say, ‘Ain’t chance grand?'”

2 comments on “Video Treat: Cats Grooving on Catnip

  1. The cat at 2:33 looked like he’d been smoking his catnip. 🙂 All of them looked like they were having fun.

    My cat doesn’t find it all that interesting, but occasionally she has a one-cat party via a catnip stuffed toy.

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