Noozies Wonder, ‘Why Don’t They Love Us Anymore?’

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No one is less aware of how others see him than a liberal; and the news media dorks are the most obtuse liberals around.

They take money from the Democrats; they send their questions to Democrat candidates in advance, and help script answers for them; they purposely suppress information unfavorable to Democrats, or to their policies; they tirelessly berate the American people as biggits, rubes, ignoramuses, rednecks, Nazis, haters, and morons… and then they wonder why so many of us not only mistrust them, but have actually begun to let them know it.

If we don’t say “Thank you!” when they pee on our couch, they complain about how unjust we are.

Yes, noozies everywhere are singin’ the blues about a lack of love ( http:// ). Like, don’t we know they only lie to us for our own good, because we can’t handle the truth? “Boo-hoo! Those ungrateful peasants! Why, they just don’t love us anymore!”

So they feel “threatened.” “Menaced.” Especially by those Trump supporters who are just too dumb to appreciate how wise they are, how noble, how selflessly devoted to the Democrat Party which is the only thing that anyone should ever be devoted to.

And they whine about us trying to scare them out of being a truly free press.

Dudes! You squandered away your freedom without any help from us! You sold out. Your whole journalistic enterprise has become just one non-stop commercial for the Democrats and their whole Global Warming, open borders, transgender program. If you’re not free, it’s only because you’ve sold yourselves into servitude. Don’t blame us!

It’s all your fault–and yes, we despise you for it.

8 comments on “Noozies Wonder, ‘Why Don’t They Love Us Anymore?’

  1. You’re on a roll today, Lee. Great job! Between your NWV article this morning and your blogs today, you nailed it! It’s good to see you fired up – although you really must monitor your blood pressure.

  2. Yes, you have nailed it very well. I have never been so disgusted with any orgainzation in my life. The political hacks are one thing; we know where they are coming from and expect no better from them, but “journalists” are supposed to present facts, not biased opinions. Every one of them should be fired immediately and the new hires should be firmly warned that if they repeat such shoddy performance, the same with quickly happen to them.

    1. I used to be a newspaper man. Back then, any reporter or editor who took money (or any other kind of gift) from a politician, in return for favorable coverage, would have been mocked and despised by his peers.

  3. The MSM’s whining isn’t directed to those of us who really do hate them, but to those who still believe their propaganda, in order to elicit synthetic sympathetic support from them. Wait for their next catch phrase (even liberalism is a cliche) and social media’s threat to ban all ‘hate speech’ against the mass media ites. Ban-Aid.

    1. I am ashamed of having once belonged to that profession. Kind of like people finding out you used to be a streetwalker. It’s embarrassing.

  4. You are not one who needs to be embarrassed. You do good writing. It is those who are prostituting themselves.

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