Scientists Say the Darnedest Things! (A Job for Dead Astronauts)

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So now they’re thinking they might be able to create “new forms of life” on distant planets, if they can somehow drop off the body of a dead astronaut on Proxima Centauri or some other place ( ).

See, the corpse is likely to be full of microbes; and if the bugs can survive the perils of a long space voyage, and land on a planet in another star system, they just might Evolve into all sorts of life-forms. Well, waste not, want not. We can still get some use out of an astronaut, even if he’s dead. It’s not like a dead person actually has to be on earth to vote for Democrats. Dead people have been doing that for years, and never in person.

Gee willikers, what if there already are life-forms on this distant planet? Won’t they have no immunity whatsoever to what are, as far as they’re concerned, completely alien micro-organisms? Won’t we, like, wipe out whatever life may already be there?

Somebody at NASA has been watching too much Star Trek.

Maybe they should’ve watched The Andromeda Strain instead.

Meanwhile, I refuse to be afraid of these modern-day Canaanites.

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