Sanity Refill: ‘O Holy Night’

Our esteemed colleague “Jessicafischerqueen” posted this on my chess forum this morning, adding that she hopes it’s not too early in the year for this hymn.

Well, Jess, I think it was downright providential that you chose to share this with us today.

Folks, let’s not get carried away with our fears, like the scouts whom Moses sent into the Promised Land, who came back moaning about the power and might of its inhabitants. “We’re like grasshoppers, compared to them! They’re much too strong for us! We just can’t do it!” But of course it was the Canaanites who should have been afraid.

And today it’s the rich, powerful, fat-head globalists who ought to be afraid. Not us–for we serve an awesome God.

Our King is greater than Caesar. And Caesar himself was a bigger man than any of these fools who run around prattling about Global Warming. So was Sennacherib, and you know how he ended up: his mighty army wiped out in a night by plague, a humiliating retreat back the way he came, and assassination at the hands of his own sons.

They’ve got wealth, connections, power, and pride.

We’ve got a baby in a manger.

And He will prevail.

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