Basketball Millionaires Who Lost Everything

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Check out this History Locker survey of NBA stars who made, literally, millions of dollars while they played, but wound up losing all of it ( ).

How did they manage, collectively, to lose billions of dollars? Oh, the usual–crime, drug abuse, get-even-richer-quicker schemes that went belly-up, fornication with lots of women, leading to  getting way, way behind in multiple child support payments, lavishing expensive gifts on members of the player’s entourage… Gee, every time I think it might be nice to have an entourage, I read something like this.

You’ve got to feel for Derrick Coleman, though. He lost all his money trying to help revive business in Detroit. It was impossible: but he’s a great man, in my book.

They take these guys, most of them, out of extremely poor circumstances, out of an urban culture that is, shall we say, dysfunctional, rush them through what is laughingly called “a college education,” draft the very best of them into the NBA and just forget about the rest, and then shower them with unimaginable amounts of money.  Is it any wonder that they get in so much trouble?

I don’t like Big Sports as much as I used to. Do you?

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  1. Actually, I never did care a whit for sports, big or little, unless one of my offspring were participating. However, I know there are thousands who
    like them, and that’s fine. From what I have seen and heard, a lot of the players behave like oversized, spoiled brats. That kind of behavior is not
    attractive to me.

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