A Bit of Political Poetry

This inspired piece of poetry came to me as I was riding my bike today. I am waiting to hear from the Nobel Prize Committee.

Our country would surely be cleaner

Without Mr. Anthony Weiner.

But secrets of State

Have wound up on his plate–

Poor Hillary! He’s gonna bean her!

8 comments on “A Bit of Political Poetry

  1. Too funny! BTW, Lee…the first thing I ever wrote (well, I did write a book in the 2nd grade, it was never published) was a poem in the 3rd grade. I still remember that poem and it secured my “A” in the class. Poems are, after all, emotion distilled down, and second only to music in ability to touch our souls. Although the thought of Anthony Weiner and “our souls” in the same breath is quite frightening! LOL!

  2. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. At one time Weiner was an up and coming face in the Democratic party, and probably could have gone far. Now he’s the gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans. What irony it would be if Hillary is finally brought down by a Wiener. The jokes would be endless.

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