A Real Stinker of a Movie

The Neighbor Poster

I don’t want you to get the idea we have a habit of watching movies like this. We sort of stumbled into it, and writing this review will be my penance. Maybe I can save someone else from watching it.

The Neighbor is about some criminals, car thieves, who go up against some worse criminals, kidnappers and murderers. And the local cop is also a criminal. Note that I have purposely committed a spoiler here in hopes that this will put you off watching it. As unedifying as this movie is, the climax is much, much worse. It is a festival of violence. Each and every character absorbs enough punishment to lay out Godzilla, and yet each one goes merrily onward, bashing in somebody else’s head. Repeatedly.

Don’t the ninnies who made this travesty know what happens to you when you get a real hard shot to the head?

Come to think of it, they deserve one, too.

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  1. If I might, a couple of suggestions for worship music. In His Time sung by Jack Searle, and Baruch haba B/Shem by Paul Wilbur. Since this is Sabbath, I am spending time in worship, prayer and Bible study.

  2. Yes, that sounds like a real stinker alright. I seldom watch movies of any kind, and I will avoid this like the plague.

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