A New Law that wil Be Grate!!

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Wee are Exited hear at Collidge becose “Yestarday” we Got “a” vissit from our Congres Wimmin ms. Tawannder Lennin she “is” runing For relection and she is in The Peples Combunist Workers Party but also she “is” runing as a Demmocrat, she sayed Lots of ordrinary dum peple Who “are” not Interllecturals thay wil Not vote four a combunist But thay are hapy “To” vote for a Demmocrat even thuohg Thare is no Differents!!! Boy thay are so dum!

Hear at Collidge we Love Progreasive Pollertitians!! And Miz Lennin she “is” goin to Interduce a New Law in Congres that Will make It Im-Posible Not to Be “a” Progreasive!

This hear Law wil Let The govvermint Investergate any Body who wrights any thing or makes A movie Or a TV Show or any thing at all, The Atterny Genderal she wil investergate them for Micro Gresion and Raceism and Not Bein Inclusive enough or evven Being Too Much Inclusive and Doing It Wrong. We wil get Them if thay “leaf out Some thing thay shouldof put in, and We wil get them if thay put in Some thing thay shuldof Left out, or we Wil get them if Thay has got Not Enough of this or Too Much of that, or Jist if thay sayed Some thing but thay dint Say it The Rihght Way!! And then The atterny Genderal she wil put Them al in Jale!!!” And this whay Thare “wont Be” no one But us Interllecturals whoo “are” aloud to say or Writ any thing and That “is” How it shuld be!!!

My prefesser He sayes its A beutiffle Law, thay can get Anybody for Any thing When evver thay want! that wil Keep the stopid “peple On Thare Tows my” prefesser he sayes. And aslo It wil Bee “the” end of Raceism!!!

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