Enough Agility to Get You into Trouble

Cats sometimes behave like they’re convinced they can do absolutely anything that pops into their heads. Their athletic ability lets them get into predicaments that would never befall a human being. Some of these they can get out of.

Our cat, Peep, when she was a kitten, somehow got up on top of the refrigerator–I didn’t know she could fly!–then got inside the plastic bag containing my ice cream-making machine, and then caused the whole shootin’ match to come crashing to the floor. Happily, she emerged totally unscathed; but my ice cream-making days were over.

One comment on “Enough Agility to Get You into Trouble”

  1. A Creator that took the time to make cats can be counted upon to make things work out for all of His creation. He’ll get us through this time of trouble.

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