More of God’s Wonderful Stuff: Owls

Notice I am not writing anything today about our impending political firestorm, two days from now. Instead, let’s have a look at some of God’s stuff–at owls.

Animals are not “just animals.” Look how these owls respond to affection! Even when they get it from a dog. Whether it’s an owl delighting in being cuddled and petted (even by a dog!), allowing itself to be blow-dried–how smart does an “animal” have to be, to be that adaptable?–or keeping time with human music coming out of a hand-held electronic gizmo, you just have to be amazed at what love can do.

I think God wants it that way.

God’s stuff: it always works, and it’s always good for us.

2 comments on “More of God’s Wonderful Stuff: Owls

  1. Sometimes I think that we are all but clueless to the true capabilities of the animal kingdom. We know what science tells us about them, but science, as a rule, doesn’t acknowledge the work of a Creator and scientific conclusions tend to be based based upon this Godless point of view.

    But it seems that animals have more going for them than the evolutionary viewpoint would allow. They seem to understand intentions; that they can trust certain people or even certain animals, even if they don’t understand the devices being used, such as the blow dryer.

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