It’s Tough, Being Your Own God

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Uh-oh! We’ve only got a thousand years left–and then, unless we find a new planet to live on, the human race is gonna go extinct!

So says world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking ( ). Yup: what with robots replacing us everywhere, and artificial intelligence outsmarting us, and Man-Made Climate Change putting the kibosh on us, we’re history. Doom, doom, doom!

This is where your thinking inevitably leads, when you don’t believe in God. Unless, of course, you’re a big enough sap to believe we’re smart enough to solve all our problems on our own and use Big Government and Big Science to create a paradise on earth.

Besieged by unimaginably severe medical problems and hardships, Hawking nevertheless received from God the gift of genius, which has brought him fame and great influence. But he is an atheist, and thus has no hope for mankind’s future. (Oops! Did I leave out a trigger warning there?)

The earth is the Lord’s–not ours!–and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1). But when the only place where you can find God is in the mirror, you’re in trouble.

7 comments on “It’s Tough, Being Your Own God

  1. One of the things I dislike about some scientist-authors is that they like to use “God” in their writings, only to emphasize somewhere later that by God they mean the impersonal rules of the universe. They sort of play coy with the reader. While I respect the value of scientific investigation, I have the impression that a lot of these people look down their noses at us common-folk. That’s a real shame, because no matter how smart one becomes, they are still as human as the next fellow and still a speck of dust on the scales compared to the Creator.

  2. He’s also warned against black holes and UFO’s. For whatever reason he’s gotten into sensationalism in recent years.

  3. Too bad they do not read the Book of Proverbs and get a glimmer of wisdom to go with their “education”. The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom. Without that holy fear, they are doomed.

  4. Hawkins never spoke to me. Everything about him – his philosophy, his ideology, his world views – are all based on false premises, including his “science” based on Darwin, another “being your own god.” He will never forgive the God he claims he doesn’t believe in.

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