The Sky Is Falling–Again!

Submarine to explore why Antarctic glacier is melting so quickly ...

As if we didn’t already have enough on our plates, “climate scientists” are re-heating their catastrophic Global Warming scenarios (“We’re doomed! Doomed, I tell you!”)–and this time it’s the glaciers in Antarctica poised to bring about The End O’ The World (

It’s full of nerve-racking language. “The Doomsday Glacier… crumbling ice and rapidly rising seas could spell disaster for a warming planet… a future global disaster… an ice chunk the size of Pennsylvania… Ice Apocalypse…Just one degree of change is a big deal to a glacier…” And so on. How are we supposed to sleep at night?

And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault (of course!), for not accepting as gospel the various pronouncements of the International Panel on Climate Change–and gee wiz, they’ve got computer models and everything!

Only “deep and rapid cuts in carbon pollution, to slow the warming” can save us. And if you think that means no more private jets, no more stretch limos, no more Martha’s Vineyard mansions, no more pricey pow-wows at Davos for the globalist fat cats–man, you need to think again! You, not they, will be called upon to give up your cars, your air conditioning, and lots and lots of things that separate modern life from the Middle Ages.

We have called upon an expert of our own to deliver a reply:

Wisdom: ‘The Fright Peddlars’

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R.J. Rushdoony wrote this short essay in 1976 for The California Farmer. We’ll never need its wisdom more than we need it right now.

Just last year we were all gonna die from Climate Change, or measles, or whatevvuh. Rushdoony wrote, “It exalts some scientific plannedrs as the only ones with the answers, and it makes the rest of us a herd of cattle headed for the stockyards, unless we listen to them.” Sound familiar?

When Rushdoony was a schoolboy they were “teaching” kids that the world would run out of everything in 20 years or so, and that the Kellogg-Briand Pact would surely prevent another world war from starting. It’d be funny if the punchline weren’t World War II.

I remember what the Lord said to Isaiah: “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils; for wherein is he to be accounted of?” (Isaiah 2:22)

What the–? ‘The End of the World’ Radio

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Did that “new Ice Age” prediction ever pan out?

Coming home from the supermarket this morning, I turn on my radio and hear a promo for a new show: “The End of the World” with Josh Clark.

I looked for a link, but all I got was a podcast, which I have no time to listen to, and this quote:

“We humans could have a bright future ahead of us that lasts billions of years.” Yeah, he said billions. “But we have to survive the next 200 years first”–which is going to be tricky, we are told, because “dangers we have never encountered before are lurking just ahead.”

Gee, all we need is a procession of flagellants…

Who listens to this stuff? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

The promo says “it’s up to us” to ensure the continued survival of the human race against a whole bunch of “existential threats” that are poised to wipe us out. And I thought Hillary said she isn’t running.

Well, we might not understand what’s going on; but God does, and His hand is always on the tiller. It’s up to Him, not us. We only work here.



UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!

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Gulp! In just twelve years, we’re all gonna die from Climbit Change unless the governments of the world Do Something to Save The Planet… according to the latest 700-page Nostradamus wannabe from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (

Yep, twelve years–that’s all we’ve got… to “remove carbon dioxide directly from the air,” and accept “massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure”… because, chimes in one of the seers, “Half a degree matters!”

And don’t you worry about a thing, boys ‘n’ girls! See, Science will be in charge of everything, backed up by the power of the State! So even if it seems a shockingly bad idea to remove carbon dioxide from the air–if you could even do it, at a cost of no one knows how many billions of dollars–ten-to-one they can’t really do it–there’s not a thing that can go wrong, once we’ve given government fantastic new powers to run our lives, and trillions more dollars in taxes, and provided everybody obeys the government and believes every word of Science–

Honk if you find this persuasive. Honk if you approve of corrupt idiots trying to customize the earth’s atmosphere.

The beauty of gloom-and-doom predictions is that, when nothing happens after all, you can always say, “See! We kept bad stuff from happening! But we might not be able to do it again unless you give us more power and money.”

Ask yourself: if these globalist scheisskopfs really, truly, honestly believed in what they’re telling us… would they live in colossal mansions, ride around in stretch limos, zoom off to Davos in private jets, and leave individual carbon footprints bigger than those of certain countries? Do they act like they believe one freakin’ word of what they’re selling us?

I’m getting a sense that the 21st century is trying to tell us something: that our “leaders” need to be a lot more afraid of us than they are.

‘Gloom and Doom… in a Commercial’ (2015)

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I haven’t heard one of these “End O’ the World” commercials lately, but they were pretty common a couple of years ago. I can probably guess why they might be less common now. Maybe you can, too.

Some people just ain’t happy unless they’re miserable.

We Have to Destroy the Human Race in Order to Save It?

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National Public Radio, funded by your defenseless tax dollars, is all hepped up over a “philosopher” from Johns Hopkins University who’s touring collidge campuses to lecture about “the ethics of procreation” and convince students–almost as defenseless as your money–not to have children when they grow up, if they grow up (

The reason we shouldn’t have children–you’ve guessed it already–is Climbit Change. Yup. Says the ol’ philosopher, “Dangerous climate change is going to be happening by then (2036)” and we’re all gonna die as extras in the world’s biggest Mad Max movie. “Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them,” says he.

Oh! And no policies proposed by governments so far, he says, will solve the problem: much more “drastic cuts in carbon emissions are needed.” So you’d best all learn how to live like 12th century Ethiopian peasants, unless you’re one of the sages and leaders who have to rule the world. Then you can keep your air conditioners. And your private jets, limousines, yachts, and mansions. Philosopher-kings are entitled to these luxuries.

This comes on the heels of Australian temperature readings plummeting some 10 degrees just by removing the “smart cards” that “filter out” all the low temperatures that scientists don’t want to see. Out of sight, out of mind.

They just don’t stop, do they? They keep on trying to scare us into giving them gigantic new powers to control our lives and bigger and bigger gobbets of our money. But this is only what we should expect from leftid blowhards who declare there’s no such thing as objective truth.

If there’s anybody out there who thinks this spiel is not satanic–think again.

Hawking: Only World Government Can Save Us

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Science is always right about everything. Stephen Hawking is a prominent man of Science. Therefore Stephen Hawking is always right about everything. Or so the liberal logic goes.

Having jettisoned his belief in God, Hawking has climbed about the Doom & Gloom Express. First he says we’re all gonna die unless we colonize other planets. Global Warming gonna kill us. Then he says there might be aliens who’ll wipe us out. Or else Artificial Intelligence (created by blockheads) will do it.

This week, during a visit to India, he opined that we’re all gonna die unless we get a world government, which will prevent war and rein in “our aggressive instincts,” which are “hard-wired into our genes by Darwinian evolution,” blah-blah-blah ( ).

Why do scientists seem to know so very, very little about anything outside their special field of science?

World government–because everybody knows that the more power you give your rulers, the more wisely, humanely, and responsibly they will use it!

That’s their belief in a nutshell. And if you believe it, too–well, you need to get out more.

Just Because You’re a Billionaire Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Ninny

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Billionaire Elon Musk, taking a few minutes off selling us his self-driving cars, has warned the human race to “merge with machines or become irrelevant” ( ).

Well, dog my cats, some of us are already irrelevant, have been for a long time, and it doesn’t seem to have done us any harm.

Prattling on about “the need for humans to evolve”–into what? mud puppies?–Musk warns that Artificial Intelligence is already way smarter than people and will likely replace us altogether unless we can find some way to turn ourselves into cyborgs or something. And then we’ll be as smart as AI and, well–be sort of gods, don’t you know. Just like the Serpent in the Garden promised. (Genesis 3:5)

Actually, I’m much more worried about self-driving cars that will take you someplace where you don’t want to go and you won’t be able to stop ’em.

It’s Tough, Being Your Own God

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Uh-oh! We’ve only got a thousand years left–and then, unless we find a new planet to live on, the human race is gonna go extinct!

So says world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking ( ). Yup: what with robots replacing us everywhere, and artificial intelligence outsmarting us, and Man-Made Climate Change putting the kibosh on us, we’re history. Doom, doom, doom!

This is where your thinking inevitably leads, when you don’t believe in God. Unless, of course, you’re a big enough sap to believe we’re smart enough to solve all our problems on our own and use Big Government and Big Science to create a paradise on earth.

Besieged by unimaginably severe medical problems and hardships, Hawking nevertheless received from God the gift of genius, which has brought him fame and great influence. But he is an atheist, and thus has no hope for mankind’s future. (Oops! Did I leave out a trigger warning there?)

The earth is the Lord’s–not ours!–and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1). But when the only place where you can find God is in the mirror, you’re in trouble.