Lest We Forget: Climategate

I don’t know for how long this satire will display here, so enjoy it while you can. It’s been around for several years. They keep getting rid of it, but it keeps coming back. Sometimes truth does that.

What with the New York Times fiction publication trying to present President-elect Donald Trump (guess how much I enjoy typing that!) as suddenly betraying his voters and converting to Global Warming Voodoo, two things must be clearly said.

  1. Trump threw Climategate (see video) right back at the alleged journalists.
  2. Everything you’ve ever heard said about Man-Made Climate Change is at best poppycock, and at worst a deliberate lie cooked up by statists who want unlimited powers to interfere in your lives.

4 comments on “Lest We Forget: Climategate

  1. I have read from more than one reliable source, writers who are excellent researchers with impeccable sources that global warming/climate change
    is a world wide hoax set up to control everything. I can’t help but wish, whenever I hear one of these crooks spout all that junk, to be able to ask
    them if they are ready to give up all their conveniences, and pave the way for the rest. Just can’t help wondering what kind of story they would cook up. If they only knew how ridiculous they appear to normal people.

  2. I’ve looked at the transcript with the New York Slimes and Trump was very noncommittal and coy about climate change. He repeatedly said he had an “open mind” and believed there was some connectivity between climate change and human activity. He didn’t exactly take a strong position against it.

    1. I read that transcript, too, and was happy to see Trump mention Climategate, and also with his comment, “A lot of smart people disagree with you about this.” I didn’t attach much importance to his non-committal remarks about “an open mind.” They don’t want any open minds.

      I would be astonished to see Mr. Trump caring what the NYT thought of any issue.

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