Hillary Again, and Again–and Again?

This is just too ridiculous not to be true. Honest, I haven’t made it up, it’s not one of my little satires.

It seems some political insiders are discreetly whispering behind fans that, come 2020, Hillary “Careless” Clinton will again run for president ( http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2016/11/29/not-again-hillary-reportedly-eying-another-presidential-run-n2252257 ).

Great Scott! Who does she think she is–the Mummy? I mean, really, some people just never learn. I know the Democrats are kind of short on normal people they can run for office–but this?

Go on, do it, it’s just bound to work this time! America really, secretly, craves high taxes, big government, open borders, and all the rest of Hillary’s deluxe fun pack.

7 comments on “Hillary Again, and Again–and Again?

  1. That would be like going to the races, and betting on the same horse that keeps loosing. It seems they never learn.

  2. I know. It is called insanity; doing the same thing again and again, while
    expecting a different result.

  3. I really feel like she won’t even be up to it in four years. She’s not getting any younger.
    I’m really surprised they can’t put up someone younger and more … charismatic. Someone who at least gives the illusion that he or she cares about the peasants and plebes. Someone good looking.
    Is she really the best the Democrats have?
    Or maybe … she’s just got such a chokehold on the Democrat party that, whether they want her or not, they’ve got her, and she’ll go right on cheating, lying, and murdering her way through until she takes her final breath. Who knows?

  4. I think she is truly delusional. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t 50 points ahead in the polls. She doesn’t understand that trump supporters are not deplorable by virtue of the fact they don’t support her. When I found that scripture in 2 Thess 2: regarding a delusional spirit I have been able to make more sense of this phenomena. These people really believe their shtick.

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