Non-Celebrities Demand Congress ‘Stand Up to Trump’

You do wonder if these people are quite all there.

They call themselves celebrities. I thought celebrities were supposed to be famous. Most of these drips I never saw or heard of before. Why do they think they’re so important?

This is their public dissservice announcement, in which they claim that they are the majority voice of the country and demand that Congress “stand up to Trump” and, I guess, carry on  Pipsqueak Obama’s glorious work of turning America into Venezuela North.

The truth is not in these people–not surprising, given that their sages at the universities teach that there’s no such thing as truth (but how, then, can that statement be true? huh?). So they have no hesitation at all in claiming that “wimmin” and “people of color” have been physically attacked by us deplorable Trump supporters. As always with leftids, this is an exercise in projection. All of the violence has been committed by libs and against Trump supporters. As always, they do what they accuse you of doing.

They close with Martin Sheen, the brain-dead actor who once played the president in a TV show and apparently thinks he still is. They’ve also got one of those precious creepy clergymen in a purple shirt who probably prays to The Goddess whenever he attends a PCUSA general assembly. Betcha he performs same-sex parodies of marriage.

Hmmm… I wonder what these bacteria would say if we, some years ago, rounded up some people who said they were celebrities and made a PSA urging Congress to stand up to Obama. Oh, I forgot! We actually elected a House and Senate  that promised us they’d do that… and then they didn’t, and that’s why Donald Trump won the Republican primary.

Well, these libs wouldn’t be howling if they’d won, and we’d have the Clinton crime syndicate selling off the country from the Oval Office. So let ’em howl! Because it reminds us that they’ve lost.

5 comments on “Non-Celebrities Demand Congress ‘Stand Up to Trump’

  1. ” . . . it reminds us that they’ve lost.”

    They’ve lost to a far greater degree than they may imagine. The Obama administration just raised their hand to the Almighty with the second finger extended by promoting UN Resolution 2334. Angering good people is bad; angering the Living God is much worse.

  2. UnKnowable, I love the way you expressed this. You just echoed my very thoughts. Oh, boy, what are they going to do when the judgment comes.

  3. Think of it like this: God could remove every trace of these people effortlessly, but He doesn’t. At Gog of Magog the opposers of the True God will stand in direct opposition to Him. When He acts, it will be completely justified. His judgement will be just and will hold up as such forever.

    Abraham was told that his descendants would inherit the Promised Land after the badness of the Canaanites had fully developed. By the time that Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land there was more than adequate cause for God to act against the Canaanites. I think that something similar is going to happen fairly soon.

  4. Just an opinion, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Turkey make a comeback. It strikes me as a great candidate for a beast that was, was not, and then was again. If the caliphate is restored after 99-100 years there would be quite a stir in some quarters. Just a thought.

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