Colleges Seek to Root Out ‘Toxic Masculinity’

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Shout it from the housetops: AMERICA’S COLLEGES SUCK!!! In fact, they worse than suck: they are poison to us.

As if they didn’t already have enough to do, “deconstructing whiteness” and trying to convince their already addled students that the only Original Sin is to be born white and there’s nothing you can do about it except to be miserable all the time, now they’re coming after “masculinity” ( ). God help you if you’re a white male! Oops–most of these people don’t believe in God.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and others are on a roll against “unhealthy masculinity,” which, they say, causes “acts of domestic terrorism”–gee, I coulda sworn it was radical Islam that motivated that: what was that “Allahu akbar” business all about?–and frequently manifests itself in… sports. Yes, you read that right. Sports.

Hey, maybe they can get college football abolished! Then they’d be short of money to pay for jihads against masculinity.

My editor wondered how they can get male students to take these “workshops” and self-criticism sessions. Well, at Gettysburg College, it’s a mandatory part of freshman orientation: they force you to watch a film that proclaims the three most harmful words in the language are, “be a man.” For public school graduates, “mandatory” means they make you do it.

What with all the safe spaces and Play-Doh and transgender bathrooms, where do they even find any masculinity on any college campus? At one of those universities the only masculine individual they could find was a lesbian who said “Call me Spike.”

Liberals have a real problem with “Male and female created He them,” especially with the male part. They don’t want there to be any males. Especially white ones.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters, and who are not mentally ill, do not send them to today’s colleges and universities.

But hey–if you’re a liberal, what’s $100,000 worth of student debt, and a heritage of towering stupidity? A small price to pay for a fundamental transformation of no-good stinkin’ America!

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  1. What happened to admiration for strength, character and all the good things that a true man can possess? I think that a culture which all but worships sex outside of marriage has fostered this problem. Men are seen as selfish, but that is not true in every case.

    Many men would like a true partner in life and are more than willing to put their efforts into being a good provider and a reliable, decent family member. These days, however, marriage is a battleground and it seems that very few people want to take the not inconsiderable financial risk involved. I’ve resolved to stay single, which means celibate, because I don’t have time to recover from the aftermath, should a marriage end in divorce.

    But I am absolutely convinced that the immorality of this world is behind the hatred that is developing between the sexes. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  2. This world system is unbelievably sick and it is no wonder there has to be judgment coming. Masculinity is a great blessing (when it is embodied in a male body, that is). Hurray for big muscles, a different view point, for the ability and desire to be the “hero” of the family and all else that is masculine. I am 100% female, feminine and glad of it, and I only like men that are glad of their masculinity. Hurrah for true manhood.

    1. Perhaps we are already seeing a form of judgement Erlene. We as a nation have collectively turned our backs on God, and have exchanged the truth for a lie. So maybe God has given them this delusion, and turned them over to their own folly. That’s why they are doing all these crazy and foolish things that serve no real purpose. Meanwhile they are neglecting the important things in life that really matter. The world is crumbling around them, while they obsess about gender pronouns and gender identity. They are setting themselves up for a great fall, and their undoing will be their own fault.

    2. Great point, Watchman. When the coming judgment occurs, it will be fair and just. People that find themselves on the wrong side of things will be in that situation because they have taken a stand against God.

  3. When Yaweh created us, He made us male and female, but both genders reflect being made in His image. The emotional makeup of men and women seems to differ somewhat, but that’s a good thing; it energizes the social order.

    Each gender (and I use the word in its classical sense; not the PC definition) seems to bring a different emotional energy to a situation. A woman may help a man to calm his more aggressive approach to life. A man can provide a listening ear and be an emotional anchor, in a relationship. The point is, two equals, working together in a loving relationship can serve as a very balanced social unit.

    The current situation is not a good one, and to be honest, males have a lot for which to answer, in the creation thereof. Some men have abandoned loving partners in order to find someone younger. That is betrayal and treachery. One cannot fault women for wanting protection from such a thing. Unfortunately, the situation has erupted into a state of war, and that’s a terrible shame.

    Near the end of John Wayne’s life, he was interviewed and stated that he wanted people to realize that he was a man that doted over his little daughter, and not just the tough character with which he was synonymous. A truly masculine man is capable of being gentle and compassionate. I see that as a sign of strength.

    Likewise, women can be incredibly strong. How many single moms have made a living, raised their children and gone far beyond normal in meeting these responsibilities. I don’t see this as unfeminine, I see it as a sign of a true wonderful person, and many, many women have met that description.

    We live in a fallen world. Life today is much harder than the life God offered the first human couple. This is a frustrating situation, and we all feel it in one way or another. Couples that keep this in mind have an advantage, because they realize that the root cause of these frustrations are not solely caused by their mate. Sadly, in many situations, the partners forget this and blame one another for the difficulties of life in this fallen world, and that is truly tragic.

    1. “A samurai appreciates the poignancy of life” –Eiji Yoshikawa

      Dr. Laura once said, on the air, “Give my husband a can of beer and a football game on TV, and that’s all he needs.” (Not her exact words, but close enough.) I found this rather offensive.

      We can agree that there’s a lot wrong with the male stereotype, and with men who seem content to conform to it. I also find women tiresome who just flutter around and watch chick flicks and fashion shows. Life has to be more interesting than our stereotypes make it out to be.

      Being who we really are, as unique individuals, is a good thing, and surely a much better thing than living as if one were a shallow sitcom character. Freeing ourselves from stereotypes is a good thing.

      But of course feminism has pushed this much, much too far and is busy creating whole new sterotypes to replace the old. And one of the reasons feminism does this is because it is the product of a fallen world, and the folly that the fallen world holds up as wisdom; and it is divorced from God. This is why it can only lead to folly.

      Why should we even have to say these things? They should be bleeding obvious to anybody. But as Mark Steyn has said, the whole point of Political Correctness is to ignore the obvious.

      So I’m serious about exhorting everyone, especially Christians, to get their children out of an education system that does anything but educate, has done incalculable harm to our society, and will keep on doing damage for as long as it has the funds to keep itself in being.

    2. Stereotypes:

      The most feminine woman I know did all the finish carpentry in her home and setup the scaffolds to paint a 30′ high vaulted ceiling without assistance. She works as a medical professional and has been successful in that field, as well. She is also unusually beautiful and still turns heads in her sixties. Besides that, she is unfailingly polite and well spoken.

      Our character is what determines who we are and what we accomplish in life.

  4. Hurrah, I very much appreciate all of your comments. Makes me see that I am not completely off the rails in my own thinking. I agree with every word.

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