The Left’s America

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The Beast in Revelation 13

I’ve been trying figure out just what is the Left’s vision for America. I think you can find it in the Book of Revelation, but I’m trying to work out some of the details. It’s hard, because the vision is ultimately satanic. But what, in concrete terms, would their America look like? I mean, if they had their way.

No more borders, no more common language, no more common culture.

No more males–just persons who, for the time being, “identify as men.” Especially no more white males, except for Democrat Senators, Congressmen, entertainers, academics, and media types.

Massive, widespread poverty–which they will call “equality.” With the state enjoying supreme power over everything, they will make everybody “equal” by making everybody poor. Except, of course, for Democrat Senators, Congressmen, entertainers, academics, and media types.

No more Christianity, but lots of Islam. How they propose to get Islam to coexist with radical feminism, organized sodomy, and militant atheists is anybody’s guess.

No more electricity for the masses. Gotta Save The Planet. But John Kerry’s mansion will still be air-conditioned. All of their mansions will be opulent beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

Lots and lots of crime.

No more families, in the sense that the human race has always understood the word “family.”

The one question that has no sensible answer, because these are not sensible people, is… Why do they want all this? We know why Satan wants it, but why do they want it?

Come, Lord Jesus: come.


College Idiot Factories Wage Jihad against ‘Toxic Masculinity’

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Okay, leftids, you’ve convinced me: you really are the servants of Satan. What you say and do can be explained in no other way.

Ithaca, Duke, Oregon State, Brown, Amherst, University of Massachusetts–these are just some of the “universities” this week who will be holding workshops and B.S. sessions on “toxic masculinity” ( ).

At Brown the workshops will be “for students who identify as men.” At Oregon State, students will “engage in collective imagining.” There is a slang term for the latter which I am not permitted to use on this blog. Ithaca is gunning for “hegemonic masculinity.” I could go on, but I seem to have run out of barf bags.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not send them to these colleges to be turned into brainless wastes of space. To which I am moved to add: People who love and respect their country do not send their sons and daughters to these colleges to be turned into brainless wastes of space.

We see by all this frenzied activity that Satan has a real problem with God’s created order, and has moved his servants to strike at its very foundation: “Male and female created He them.” They want to get rid of the male part.

God will eventually remove this whole business from the picture. It would be a shame to us, if we ever had to look back and saw that we, when we had the opportunity, and the duty, failed to speak and act against it.

O Lord Our God–remember, please remember, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.