Ferocious Scary Kitten!

Well, all right, maybe not that scary–but certainly pumped up to give that hanging label the what-for. These cuddly little critters were born to hunt: God created them that way. But He also made them cuddly–for which we give thanks.

God’s stuff–always good for us.

5 comments on “Ferocious Scary Kitten!

  1. That’s adorable. I guess you wouldn’t be much of a hunter if you didn’t get excited about it, and cats are very excitable creatures. But they are also very affectionate and cuddly, something I am experiencing at this very moment. A wonderful gift from a loving God.

  2. Yes, cats and kittens have been one of my life’s greatest blessings. The last cat I had went out into the field, caught a mouse and brought it to me
    and left it on the patio steps. Then, he knocked on the sliding glass door until I acknowledged the “gift” and fed him some salmon as a thank you.

  3. That’s a fair trade, mouse for salmon. The cat we had growing up, roamed the nearby fields and left an assortment of dead rodents on display just beyond the sidewalk that ran perpendicular to our house. As gross as that sight was, I have to admit that it was mighty generous of him.

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