It’s ‘Black Lives Matter Week’ in Philly Schools

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Public education strikes again!

A group calling itself the “Caucus of Working Educators”–that sounds so much grander than “bunch of classroom teachers”–has announced its plan to devote a week of the curriculum to “Black Lives Matter,” the radical racialist, anti-police group ( ).

Not all the teachers are happy about this. It has to be pretty far out, to make unionized teachers uneasy. But the Caucus is pushing “Six Days of Action”–that sounds pretty grand, too; but wait for the punchline–highlighted by giving the kiddies a little item entitled “The Revolution is Always Now.”

“The Revolution is Always Now” is… “coloring pages.” Shazzam! A coloring book! Your school tax dollars at work!

Some “transgender affirming” will also be thrown in. For laughs, maybe?

One teacher said he wasn’t exactly thrilled with teaching the kiddies that “Western society makes war on black people.”

Just one question. You continue to send your kids to these schools because…?

One comment on “It’s ‘Black Lives Matter Week’ in Philly Schools”

  1. Asinine wins again. I’m not advocating sending kids to these propaganda factories, but from I can observe, the current economic situation just about makes it compulsory for both parents to work (considering there are two parents in the home), and have you taken a look at the child care costs these days? That wipes out one half of the paycheck before you even start. This is one of the things I am hoping to see turned around SOON.

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