Gee, We Don’t Like BLM Anymore

Even with large crowds and extreme heat, a peaceful 9th day of George Floyd  protests in DC | WTOP

Net approval for [Only] Black Lives Matter has decreased 92% during the past year and bottomed out–maybe–at 2% (

The findings are from a survey by “Civiqs” which asked, “Do you support or oppose the BLM movement?”

So after a year of rioting, crime, lies, and hypocrisy–the Marxists who founded this group are living very high on the hog–BLM has forfeited just about all the good will generated by the name, “Black Lives Matter”: like if you oppose them in any way, you must believe black lives don’t matter. No virtue-signaling, college-trained, useful idiot white liberal would ever risk that.

By and large, the survey found that Democrats–of course–are still in love with the rioters of BLM. The loss of support comes mostly from Independents.

Damn! And our Free & Independent Nooze Media tried so hard to keep ’em popular!

Is it time for the Left to switch back over to Climbit Chainge?

The Ones You’re Not Allowed to Argue With

Images From a Worldwide Protest Movement - The Atlantic

I don’t know how I missed this essay by Martin Selbrede when it came out in 2006, but I’m glad I found it and read it today, on the Chalcedon website.

In reviewing Ann Coulter’s book (Godless: The Church of Liberalism) and analyzing the subversion of the English language by those who seek to subvert the entire culture, and enslave it, Martin provides a dazzling insight relevant today. Very relevant indeed!

Leftids “win” arguments by choosing as their spokesmen persons who, by virtue of their sufferings, enjoy a moral authority which no one can question without appearing to be a heartless villain. We see it today: do you want your Marxist, racist, mischief-making cabal to prosper, and to skate right past any criticism? Do you want to make it above criticism?

Just call it “Black Lives Matter”! So anyone who dares to question it can be–and certainly will be–accused of saying “Black lives don’t matter.” All dissent, all criticism, is instantly morphed into Hate.

This is just one of the tactics leftids use to black out whole issues and remove them from discussion. In fact, they can stifle any discussion at all: unless you loudly agree with them, 100%, you are Guilty Of Hate. And if you don’t try to argue with them–well, that’s not good enough! ‘Cause “Silence Is Violence.” Everything but total submission is forbidden.

But only God is entitled to total submission. These people are playing with dynamite.

Martin’s essay is a little long, but it’s packed with meat and well worth reading. Not a word of it has gone out of date!

Has the Riot Party Won?

Rioters Set Fire to Home With Child Inside, Block Firefighters From  Reaching Scene

We are asked to believe that the American people have handed their country over to senile Joe Biden and his Riot Party. And while that was going on…

A hundred thugs from the Antifa/Black Lives Matter wing of the Democrat Party tried to burn down Portland last night; police stopped them just as they were pouring out “a flammable liquid” into a Starbuck’s that was connected to an apartment building full of people ( Amazingly, only two of the would-be arsonists were arrested. Not so amazingly, both were released without bail.

This is what we want for America, the noozies tell us. Riots. Gee, Starbuck’s has spent several years kow-towing to Far Left Crazy, and they still tried to burn it down. You just can’t appease some people.

Yeah, we want riots. And open borders, no oil industry, lots and lots of transgender, and selling out the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle to Red China–that’s what we want, they tell us. That’s why we’re electing Democrats, who will give us those things.

Something about this really stinks.

Forcing People to Say They Like You

Union Goon-Squad "THUGs" Own Pennsylvania (Literally) - Mike Shedlock

As I was finishing my last post (the one before this one), my work mysteriously disappeared from the page. Now what? What “improvement” are they hitting me with now? But then I began to wonder: had I been censored? The post included some teensy-weensy criticism of the otherwise perfect and beloved Black Lives Matter–and I’ve seen reports of some of the social media platforms banning any such comments. But I tracked down my post and posted it, so I guess I’m not banned. Not yet.

Now, how hard is it to visualize a near future in which anyone who doesn’t have a Black Lives Matter lawn sign is going to be in for lively times? Broken windows, slashed tires, scary phone calls… the usual bag of tricks.

In many venues now, we are not permitted to criticize what is, to be truthful about it, an evil revolutionary gang aspiring to destroy our country and make racial hatred the basis of our social life. Question: Is forcing us into silence going to endear them to us? If we can be made to say we like them and support them, will that eventually become our reality? Or will it just make us as mad as hell?

And now I have to stop because some more “improvements” have suddenly appeared on my screen and I have no idea what’s going to be published here. Let me know if you have problems reading it.


Mysterious! BLM Approval Rating Slithers Downward

25 years later | Images of the riots - Los Angeles Times

Sages and philosophers are scratching their heads over the mysterious decline in Black Lives Matter’s overall approval rating among human beings. In Wisconsin from July into August, the beloved protest group’s approval rating lost 13 points (, resulting in a flat-footed tie, 48% approve and 48% disapprove.

Especially troubling was a finding that BLM’s approval rating decreased “in cities, suburbs, exurbs, small towns and rural areas.” That pretty much covers it, but law professor Dr. Humphrey Dumphrey found a silver lining to the cloud: “BLM is still going strong in deserts, underwater, and NFL arenas,” he said. “All the people who really count still like it!”

But what could be the reason for this precipitous decline elsewhere? Mulled CNN news anchor B.S. Pulenty, “It can’t be the Mostly Peaceful Protests, so it’s gotta be Systemic Racism and the intractable inborn evil or all white people who aren’t me. Obviously society hasn’t punished them enough!”

Asked what he thought of this development, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said, “Freeth yon firkin, yorf ya know, the thing, the thing!”

‘Peaceful Protesters’ Try to Kill Black Cop

Mosque set on fire during Delhi's worst violence in decades | News ...

Just another peaceful protest

Chanting “black lives matter!”, fifty or sixty “protesters” in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a few nights ago attacked a private residence and tried to assassinate a police officer ( The officer is black. So is his girlfriend. It was her house.

In addition to fists and blunt instruments, the peaceful protesters trotted out a shotgun and tried to shoot the officer. That they somehow missed with a shotgun at close range is the silver lining here.

No Democrats objected to the assault. And apparently the officer and his girlfriend are not black enough for their lives to matter. Neither are the black homeowners, small business owners, and innocent bystanders who’ve had their lives and property destroyed by… really, it’s sad… “Black Lives Matter.” You could cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

The peaceful protesters didn’t have to worry about catching the Wuhan Chinese Doomsday Virus because the virus always spares Far Left get-togethers.

Warning, Warning…

Images For > Destroyed City Background | Fondo de pantalla de la ...

We’ve been laughing at Far Left Crazy for such priceless gems of idiocy as the Green New Deal, forcing superheroes to combat imaginary systemic racism, and Joe Biden–according to the nooze media, our future president–babbling like a drunken moron.

I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to scare me. I think we’d better take it seriously and figure out a way to defeat it.

It takes a long time to build a country up, but it can be torn down in a fraction of the time it took to build it. Before Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America. Now it’s a basket case. Czarist Russia had a food surplus, and was a food-exporting nation. Stalin plunged it into famine. And then there’s North Korea.

The Democrat Party and its Far Left Crazy playmates mean to take over America and turn it into God knows what. They mean to tear down everything we have. As one of the Only Black Lives Matter honchos has admitted, “If we don’t get what we want, we’ll burn it down.” If they can, they will.

It’s not enough to laugh at these people. We are one spate of voter fraud away from being “fundamentally transformed” into Venezuela North.

It’s not enough to defeat them at the polls. They won’t go away; they’ll just keep on attacking us. This is our payoff for letting people who hate America run our schools, our media, many of our corporations, and our “entertainment” industry.

The enemy controls those institutions. Their hold must be broken. Their influence must be rooted out and permanently destroyed.

We are in more danger now than we were in the darkest days of World War II–because this enemy is already here, already dug in, and has assembled an army of mal-educated useful idiots who think they’re gonna get free stuff. They’re always surprised by what they wind up getting, but by then it’s much too late.

This must be stopped. Speak the truth, pray, and never, never, never give in. Never give in. Not if it takes seventy years to get their fangs out of our flesh.

Taxpayer-Funded Child Abuse

See the source image

In the Democrat hell-hole known as New York City, Far Left Crazy is working on 3- and 4-year-old children to addle their minds and help them grow up nice and crooked.

A publicly-funded pre-school is now teaching the kiddies to “choose” their “gender”–“boy or girl or both, or neither, or something else” (

This is in line, school officials (God help us!) say, with “The 13 Principles of the Movement for Black Lives.” It’s the usual racialist-communist crapola. The “13 Principles” include globalism, transgender affirming, and “collective value.” Sort of like Kwanzaaaaa on steroids.

The curriculum will be introduced as part of “Black Lives Matter Week.”

What is the use of this kind of “education”? What will it help prepare its victims to do with their lives, besides waste them?

This abomination is paid for with public funds–money that real people had to go out and work for, before “educators” and their political godfathers scarfed it up. Here the “educators” are going far out of their way to train children in the art of self-marginalization… which makes them easy prey for Far Left political manipulation.

It’s our money that we worked for. Why do we put up with this?

It’s ‘Black Lives Matter Week’ in Philly Schools

Image result for images of money going down the drain

Public education strikes again!

A group calling itself the “Caucus of Working Educators”–that sounds so much grander than “bunch of classroom teachers”–has announced its plan to devote a week of the curriculum to “Black Lives Matter,” the radical racialist, anti-police group ( ).

Not all the teachers are happy about this. It has to be pretty far out, to make unionized teachers uneasy. But the Caucus is pushing “Six Days of Action”–that sounds pretty grand, too; but wait for the punchline–highlighted by giving the kiddies a little item entitled “The Revolution is Always Now.”

“The Revolution is Always Now” is… “coloring pages.” Shazzam! A coloring book! Your school tax dollars at work!

Some “transgender affirming” will also be thrown in. For laughs, maybe?

One teacher said he wasn’t exactly thrilled with teaching the kiddies that “Western society makes war on black people.”

Just one question. You continue to send your kids to these schools because…?