Can They Stop Brexit?

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PM Theresa May: “Oh, yes, we will!”

Lefties in the United Kingdom have learned from their American counterparts to go running to court every time they want to impose their desires upon the rest of society.

So now the Supreme Court in the UK has ruled, 8-3, that Britain can’t pull out of the European Union unless a vote by Parliament initiates the process ( ). The government of Prime Minister Theresa May–the previous government opposed Brexit, and that PM resigned after the people voted for Brexit–has promised to carry out the wishes of the people.

Is this like trying to get out of a sucky time-share, or what?

Yes, we understand that, by UK law, Parliament is absolutely sovereign, which is why the judges said the referendum couldn’t decide whether Britain has to stay in its EU time-share or not. But it must be mentioned that Parliament agreed to let the people decide the issue in last summer’s vote.

Hang tough, Britain! You’re not alone. We here in America, and others all over the world, are with you in your fight to preserve and assert your independence in the face of insatiable globalist power-grabbing. We will not have a world government!

The globalists have no king but Caesar.

We have no king but Jesus Christ the Lord.

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  1. This smacks of petty, obstructionism, as usually seen in small town governments under the hegemony of a handful of insiders. Absolutely sickening, but Satan fights to the last.

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