You Just Can’t Get Racism Out of the Democrat Party

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Democrats, circa 1950

When Michael Moore advised Democrats to run even farther to the left than they do already, I never thought they’d actually listen to him. But it seems they are.

In the scramble for the Democrat National Committee chairmanship, Sally Boynton Brown, a kook from Idaho, has vaulted ahead by running against “the white leaders of our party” ( ). She herself is white.

As DNC chair, Ms. Brown described her job like so: “My job is to shut other white people down.” Right on, Sally. And don’t forget to shut men down, too. And in a flourish of liberal condescension, “I am talking to people of color because you have the answers.” Is it just me, or does that sound like something Archie Bunker would say if he was trying to be nice to a Negro?

“I am not a politician,” said Ms. Brown. Well, yeah, I think most of us could go along with that.

This is what has become of one of our two major political parties. But then the Democrat Party has been racist since the 1870s. They used to be the party that told black people to shut up and do as they were told. Now they’re the party that tells white people to shut up and do as they’re told. The target changes; the racist mind-set stays the same.

Nothing good can happen to America until the Democrat Party is put out of business for good.

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  1. I agree with Moore that he and all leftards should move as far left as they can go – until they fall off and disappear. They are all on the edge right now.

  2. Moore is truly mystifying to me. He doesn’t seem capable of stepping back and seeing that his behavior amounts to self-loathing coupled with hatred of anyone willing to take initiative.

    Indeed, the Democratic Party has become a party of racial hatred and just plain general vitriol towards the Caucasian race. Somehow, it seems to have been forgotten that even in this country’s worst moments of racism, that millions of white Americans were willing to commit to a war, which caused the death of many white Americans whom fought against slavery.

    It seems that almost no one remembers that the Republican Party initiated Reconstruction, which was improving the lot of black citizens in the newly liberated south. The Democrats shut down Reconstruction, employing statecraft to force the Republicans to abandon their program.

    Now I will not be so foolish as to suggest that every Democrat is a hateful biggot, but such rhetoric seems to be quite common among today’s Democratic newsmakers. Likewise, I don’t think that every Republican is a font of tolerance and equality, but overall the party seems to understand that they can’t repair past injustices by perpetuating injustice in the form of quotas, etc.

    “Shut[ing] other white people down” is preposterous. If you want to help persons of color, provide opportunity, but realize that no program will have a perfect success rate and that even the greatest opportunity requires a lot of hard work. If you examine the lives of the truly successful of this world you will not see a tableau of success. You will see failures followed by determination and recovery, until finally success takes hold.

    My modest successes came about thusly and so have virtually everyone else’s. Even those born into privilege and wealth usually make some missteps before they succeed on their own.

    Instead of “shutting down” others, how about helping the disadvantaged to see that they can succeed and to realize that success will usually come from determination and refusal to give up. My setbacks, as a Caucasian, may have been less than they would have been had I been of another race, but the answer is the same: refuse to give up.

    1. As Thomas Sowell has written, so very often, generally speaking, we all start out at the bottom, we all start out poor, we all experience failure and learn from it, and then we all move up.

      How come they don’t think he has the answers? He’s black, isn’t he?

  3. Sowell always took the high road. He showed that a person can maintain their dignity, while swimming against the tides. I’ll miss his writing, but he worked up to the age of 87, so it’s not as if he didn’t do his share.

    By casting every setback as the result of racism, the left has hindered the very people they claim to help. We all have to claw our way out of failure and take hold of any success we can. One of my greatest motivational tools has been to discredit my critics. But even discrediting them does not necessarily silence them. Ultmately, we have to accept our own successes whether others acknowledge them, or not.

    1. I very much doubt TS will stay very long away from writing. He won’t be able to. But at 87 he’s certainly entitled to a sabbatical.

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