‘Teacher’ Wants to Kill Trump

Okay, tell me: you want this woman to “teach” your children because_______?

Yes, here’s one of thousands of unionized classroom schoolteachers who have come unhinged because Donald Trump is now president and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Go to youtube and search “anti-Trump teachers” and you’ll find video galore.

This particular “teacher” shoots her water pistol at a picture of President Trump and screams while doing it.

And the collidge “teachers” and professors are just as wacked-out as this one.

Meanwhile, Democrats mean to figure out “how to talk to regular Americans.”

That’s funny–I thought their whole idea was to fundamentally transform the country so there wouldn’t be any regular Americans left in it.

10 comments on “‘Teacher’ Wants to Kill Trump

    1. If you or I did it, we would be in serious trouble. This system has picked its god, and it wants to worship disorder, mayhem and chaos. Their choice.

  1. I am thinking of those teachers committed to ending gun violence by suspending children who pointed the forefinger as a pistol barrel at another student, held the thumb up as a hammer of gun, and pulled the middle finger back as a trigger.

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