Do You Have to Agree with Bernie, to Ace the SAT?

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Don’t forget to agree with him when you take your SAT

The New Hampshire Dept. of Education has added a “pro-Bernie Sanders essay question” to this year’s Scholastic Aptitude Test, which 13,000 students have taken so far (

Sanders, an avowed socialist, is a leading contender for next year’s Democrat presidential nomination. Students were asked to “read and process” an op-ed he wrote in 2014 and tell “whether or not the author made a persuadable argument,” explained one of the state’s education commissars. Oops. I mean commissioner.

Here’s a quote from Sanders’ op-ed: “[W]ealthy special interests who want to privatize or dismember virtually every function the government now performs… to make billions in profits out of these services.” (Question: why can’t the government run them efficiently and profitably?)

We are not told what a student has to say in his essay, to get a good grade and qualify for further indoctrination in college… but I think we can guess it’d be something like this.

“Wow! He is like so right on! There’s nothing the private sector can do that government can’t do better, and prophits, like, dude, they are just so icky and bad! I hate prophits! I love the government! Bernie for president!”

Definitely ready for college.

Whole Country Bombs Citizenship Test

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Waddaya mean, public education isn’t working?

We don’t need no stinkin’ history! We don’t need no stinkin’ civics!

Just think: with the biggest, costliest, most comprehensive public education system ever devised by human beings, Americans can’t pass a basic citizenship test. This ought to lead to some skepticism about the value of our schools’ “social studies” programs.

In a test given to more than 40,000 people nationwide, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation found that only one in four Americans could score a passing grade ( Vermont was the only one of all 50 states in which most people–and by “most” we mean just 53%–were able to pass the test.

The test consisted of 20 multiple-choice questions, and a passing grade was “60”: 12 out of 20 correctly answered. When I went to school, “60” was a big red F.

In our nation’s capitol–Washington, D.C., in case you went to public school, then college, and still didn’t know that’s our capitol–58% failed the test.

How about getting an A? In this test, to get an A, you had to answer correctly 90 to 100% of the questions: a minimum of 18 right answers, in case you went to public school, then college, and can’t work out the arithmetic.

No state among all 50 got more than 6% A’s. Six percent!

Quick! More money for social studies! More administrators, higher salaries, snazzier benefits–that should fix it.

I dare them to give the same test to Christian homeschoolers. I triple-dog dare them.

Here We Go Again with the ‘Nazis’…

An email came in this morning with a report of a high school in Nebraska where the unionized schoolteacher put up a poster that says “Republicans=Nazis” ( and insisted, “It’s the truth.”

When the poop hit the fan, the school backpedaled, settling on the excuse that the purpose of this poster was “to develop students’ ability to distinguish reliable viewpoints from unreliable viewpoints.” Uh-huh. And I am the Sultan of Swat.

Do these leftid numbskulls even know what a Nazi is, or was? Historically, a Nazi was a member of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist–yeah, that’s “Socialist”–Workers’ Party. With Hitler dead these 73 years, the label is kind of pointless. So they use it to mean anyone who isn’t them.

Okay, I’m asking, again, for anyone who’d like to have a go at it to fill in the blank: “I send my children to left-wing, anti-Christian, America-hating public schools because _______.” The best answer gets a raspberry.

Transgender Propaganda is Working!

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It wasn’t their fault that they went extinct… but it will be ours, if we do

One thing we can count on public education for–pounding kids’ heads full of leftid propaganda every day until they break through.

The Minnesota State High School League board has just passed some gobbledygook called the Model Gender Identity Participation in MSHSL Activities policy, based on a “study” that claims “more teens identify as transgender” than anybody thought ( Wahoo.

“Nearly 3 percent” of teens, the “study” claims, identify as some sex other than the one they were “assigned at birth.” Assigned? Assigned by whom? Don’t you love the way they mangle the language? Yowsah, a 2016 “survey” allegedly showed there are more than 80,000 teens in Minnesota’s high schools drinking the transgender Kool-Aid.

Exults one of the head honchos involved, “Youth are rejecting this binary thinking”–aka “reality”–“and are asking adults to keep up.”

What a glorious vision of the future.

And of course it has nothing to do with the schools hammering the kids with trans propaganda every day for years and years, nothing to do with neglected young people discovering “gender identification” as a sure-fire way to get attention from adults who otherwise seem unaware that they exist, and nothing at all to do with leftids’ societal re-engineering agenda.

In light of these developments, parents, see if you can complete this sentence: “We send our sons and daughters to the public schools because __________.”

Waiting for anything like a rational answer…

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

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It ought to be against the Geneva  Convention to start school before Labor Day. But in some parts of the country, it has. And the first education outrages of the new school year have already been perpetrated.

At Rocklin Academy in California (where else?)–kids come home from this school in tears, and have nightmares, from the mandatory “gender” lessons that scare some little ones into thinking they might spontaneously change sex–the principal has “investigated” a first-grade girl for the crime of “misgendering” a classmate (

This enemy of the people said hello to a boy she knew, but didn’t know that he was now “transitioning” into a “girl” and so addressed him by his old name, calling him Floyd instead of Petunia, or whatever the names in question were. Although the intrepid investigators eventually concluded that the girl had only erred because she really didn’t know the boy was now calling himself a girl–ah, wait, stop! I can’t write any more of this.

Why is anybody still sending children to these schools?

“We won’t stop until we’ve convinced all the boys that they’re girls and all the girls that they’re boys!”

“What good will that do?”

There can be no answer to that question.

One of the results of this age is the new building program Down Below. They’re gonna need a bigger Hell. And an extra-hot oven for all these perverted “educators” and the morale imbecile parents who let them get away with it.

To do these things to children–!

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds

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Is this getting out of hand or what?

“So, Jason, you’re four years old today! What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Oh, I want to be a girl! And my mommy and my school promised I could take those ‘stop puberty’ drugs real soon! I don’t know what puberty is, but I know it’s very bad!”

Planned Parenthood–whose goal is stopping human reproduction by any means available–has come out with new guidelines to “teach” pre-schoolers, three and four years old, all about transgenderism and masturbation. ( They also propose to teach parents “ways of determining whether your child is trans or not”–something that would not occur to any normal parent. But “talking with a counselor or therapist who’s familiar and supportive of LGBTQ identities–” what the Hell is this, anyway?–“is a good idea.” Oh, yeah: best idea since “ye shall be as gods.”

Planned Parenthood carries on this pogrom against sanity in the public schools, which we all pay for, and with $500 million of our own tax moneys, doled out to them every year by a Congress which is curiously inattentive to our wishes.

Have any of you, ever in your lives, seen anything take off like this push for “transgender”? Satan has scored big with this one.

If we don’t put a stop to it, God will.

Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip.

Should a Teacher Be Able to Read?

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Well, heck, no, say the New York State Board of Regents, as they prepare to do away with a literacy test which a prospective public school teacher has to pass before he can be certified ( ). [Oh, no! I used the impersonal “he”!]

Nope–after they vote on it next week, you won’t have to be able to read if you want to teach school in New York. They’re even thinking of going back and certifying some who’ve failed the rest recently.

Why are they doing this? Hint: It cannot possibly be to provide a better education for the children. I mean, does it seem that strange an idea, to have the class taught by someone who actually knows more than the students?

You guessed it! It’s because too many members of Our Cherished Minorities are failing the test. Naturally, instead of better equipping the testees to take the test, they’ll get rid of the test. Because, really, it doesn’t matter if the person teaching you is a total ignoramus, as long as he or she is a Minority. It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn anything the whole time you’re in class, as long as your school’s teaching staff is Diverse.

And it certainly doesn’t matter how much money they wring out in taxes from you, to pay for what they laughingly call an “education” but which is rapidly evolving into a euphemism for paying off teacher pensions.

Do I get extra credit for using the word “evolving”?

‘Teacher’ Wants to Kill Trump

Okay, tell me: you want this woman to “teach” your children because_______?

Yes, here’s one of thousands of unionized classroom schoolteachers who have come unhinged because Donald Trump is now president and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Go to youtube and search “anti-Trump teachers” and you’ll find video galore.

This particular “teacher” shoots her water pistol at a picture of President Trump and screams while doing it.

And the collidge “teachers” and professors are just as wacked-out as this one.

Meanwhile, Democrats mean to figure out “how to talk to regular Americans.”

That’s funny–I thought their whole idea was to fundamentally transform the country so there wouldn’t be any regular Americans left in it.

Remember Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941: “a day that will live in infamy”: the surprise attack on the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor–I haven’t yet heard anyone else mention it today, so I will.

One Pearl Harbor Day, not many years ago, found me teaching in a public high school, where I soon discovered that the students had never heard of Pearl Harbor. So I told them about it, and told them how my father and his friends all flocked to the recruiting office, where they were turned away because they were still too young. The students looked at me quizzically, and one of them asked, “Well, what did they do that for?” Why did these young men volunteer to defend their country after it had been attacked?

That question, and whatever prompted it, is part of the Day of Infamy that lives on.

But that’s what public education, and our downfallen culture, will do to our young people.

School Restores ‘Under God’ to Pledge

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The other day I reported that the school next door to me had deleted the words “under God”–as in “one nation under God”–from the Pledge of Allegiance. In fact, I’d first noticed that back in April.

This morning, “under God” was back.

What gives? Had people called up the school board to complain? Or did the fact that school board elections are just around the corner have anything to do with it?

I’ll be keeping my ears peeled, to try to discern whether there’s any pattern in this.  I could always contact the board myself, and ask for an explanation, but for the time being I prefer to wait and see.